Tech N9ne EARBUDS!

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  1. I just bought some Tech N9ne earbuds. I was just looking around the Strange store and saw them and I just had to buy them. I'm an audiophile, but I don't care how awful they might or might not be because it's Tech N9ne and they look awesome!

    Just wanted to share with ya'll. Perhaps there are some Tech9cians on GC that would love to have them? I dunno. Here's a picture and a link to the store if anyone are interested. ;)


    Tech N9ne - Skull Earbuds Strange Music, Inc Store
  2. tech9cians?

  3. Tech N9ne is my shit.
  4. 30 would b pushing it, i dont see them being worth 40. whats ur opinion on em having tried em
  5. Wait so you don't care about they sound like or how well the product works as long as it looks cool? :confused: I'm from KC and it sucks to see someone as OG and as talented as Tech sell out and start marketing shit like that. Not to mention 6's and 7's wasn't that great either...
  6. any better build/sound quality then say a pair of $15 jvc marshmallows?
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    Nah man, im glad he's successful. He needs to make money somehow. I can't stand it when people say tech sold out, he's putting food on his table and changing the game at the same time. Trust me, tech selling out is great for the whole rap game... Buuuuuuuut Mac Lethal obliterates Tech N9ne anyday.

    And, on topic, im sure those are over-priced because they're from the merch section of his site, but im interested in hearing how they sound. They look aight, tbh i would feel like a fool walking around with those skulls in my ears.
  8. I dont agree this is selling out. Every artist has merch
  9. Supposedly the quality is superb, but I have no firsthand experience.

  10. I haven't tried them yet, I ordered them today. ;)

    I'm not buying them because they look cool, I bought them because they're from my favorite artist of all time, N9na. And he's not selling out. Yeah, you can question the fact that he made a song with Lil' Wayne, but I can accept it if it means that more people get to know how talented he is. He's really blown up after All 6's and 7's. As long as he doesn't make lots of music with shit artists then he's not selling out.

    Just a sidenote, MGK and N9na should make an album together fo sho!
  11. I've smoked with that nigzor

  12. Good to hear, I hope it is since my Sennheiser HD 595's aren't really meant for outside use. :p

  13. LIES!!!! But for real, have you? If so, when, where and how was it? Must have been AWESOME!
  14. I;m a big tech fan, but i find those pretty lame. I'd rather dish out 30 bucks on a ticket to his show or something than some headphones. My phones work fine as is....

    but that's of course because they're phil collins earbuds, THE BEST!

  15. Don't come here and speak sound with me, bro. I'm the sound king in all of Vestby! I throw it up for the west city, nah mean! Bad joke, I know. Vest means west and by means city. Anyway, I'm an audiophile and the main reason I bought them is because they're from N9na and I'm the number one N9na fan in Norway and I will bet all I own on that. Plus, $40 ain't bad when you look at prices in Norway, plus N9na never comes to Norway. Plus I needed some new earbuds since I can't walk around with my Sennheiser HD 595's and my shitty Studio's broke. Yes, they are SHIT. I got them really cheap of a buddy of mine a good while back.

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