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  1. when your stoned.. you HAVE to listen to techno.. well i mean you dont have to but god is it fun. aphex twin is my favoite. square pusher, all that good stuff.
  2. i love techno. just makes me wanna get up and dance, lol. if you get the chance go to mp3.com and DL "Hell Dance" by DJ Special K. it sounds kinda like the mortal combat theme at first, but trust me, it gets so incredibly sick about halfway through. also, if you have kazaa, search for DJ Demonixx - "Carol of the Bells (A Demonic Christmas)" awesome remake of carol of the bells.
  3. Yeah Tekno is great, I'm interested in the "experiemental" side of it and all that psychedelic trance stuff. Black Lung is propably the weirdest thing I've heard, and Future sound of london is definetly forth checking out.

    The best part of the music style are the huge festivals where people just dance dance dance! A friend of mine was in belgium couple years ago and there was a festival focused on Techno music, at the day time played quite normal stuff that people listen but when it turned to night there started these locals and others playing their sets and there were people offering mushrooms, weed, Lsd etc. and the dancing was quite interestin according to him, it seemes that people were totally connected to every muscle they had and everybody was doing a different style...

    I'm going to one of those festivals this summer, they last a week and there are different themes and places for different types of music. it's going to be so fun!!!!!
  4. cool man thats a trip worth having. I am heading that direction myself this summer, also i am going to amsterdam and to as many places as i can purely for festivals and hard dirty dark fucking techno man.
    people to look out for;
    richi hawtin
    apex twin
    ben sims
    adam jay
    dave angel
    dave clark
    adam beyer
    carl craig
    jeff mills
    the hacker/ miss kitten

    man i could go on all day, but theses guys are the fuckin shit man. if you see any of these guys you should have an amazing experience!
    best of luck mate, have a good one..

    p.s. take loads of drugs
  5. any of ye out there DJs.
  6. I spin...... im not in any means a main stging dj though, i have 2- tech 12's with a stanton craze edition mixer, and a 505- chos pad......... mad fun to lay with...... I went to a 5 day music cmferance in montreal.... and went to florida for 21/2 days for the one in south beach....

    it was fun, many bombs, many holes, chickas........goal met.
  7. Lately ive been listening to Drum and Bass and deep house.
    It's not really Techno but it's still electronic I guess ^_^

    a few favortie artists:

    any Lazy Dog / Ben Watt remix
    Miguel Migs
    Urban Takeover (Aphrodite/Mickey Finn)
    Adam F's Colours album
    Everything but The Girl track remixes

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