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  1. Hi everyone again :wave:,

    So I'm going to buy some supplies soon, maybe a lot of them online, so here is what my plan is for my soil and the supplies for my teas/nutes. I need help determining how much of these things I'm going to need before I go and buy them so I'm not spending too much extra on supplies I'm not necessarily going to need (like buying a gallon of something when I'll only need a quart). I'll be putting 15 plants in the ground, but all 25 will be going in 3 gallon pots at first until they reach a good height like 3ft and then 10 will be transferred to 15 gallon pots.

    Here's my shopping list so far:

    Happy Frog Potting Soil (54lb bags)- This great organic mix contains composted forest humus, Sphagnum peat, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, mycorrhizae and humic acids derived from leonardite. Oyster shells and dolomitic lime are also included to stabilize pH.

    Black Gold Earthworm Castings (26.8lb bags) - This product also contains Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, which conditions soil to facilitate root development. Mix with soil, create a fertilizer "tea", or apply as a top dressing around plants.

    Super Tea (5-5-1) 2 lb bag - this mix of Mexican bat guano, seabird guano, worm castings and soluble seaweed

    Budswel (0-7-0) 2 lb bag - a mix of high-phosphorus bat guano, worm castings and seabird guano

    Alaska Fish Fertilizer (5-5-1) fish emulsion – 1 qt

    Greensand (0-0-3) – 50lb bag

    Molasses (unsulphured)

    Epsom salt

    Superthrive – 4oz

    Epsoma's Garden Tone (4-4-6) 22lbs

    Is there a cheaper, but good substitute for ProMix if there is one, the ones I've found seem pretty expensive for 3.8cu ft of product.

    My holes will be prepped with 20% worm castings + 40% promix + 20% peat moss + 20% organic potting soil + 1 cup blood meal + 1.5 cups of blood meal, 1/2 shovel of horse manure and possibly add some dolomite lime/greensand if the pH is too low.

    My prep soil for the 3 gallon pots I'll be using until they reach about 2 feet in height is 20% worm castings + 1/2 handful of blood meal + 1/2 handful of bone meal + 60% promix + 20% organic potting soil.

    Does my list look good or do you have any suggestions on other things to buy. Also for teas can you give me an idea of what would be a good rotation for teas during veg and flowering with the supplies I listed. I heard it's good to add fish emulsion to your water during all stages and the molasses to your water during the last 3 weeks of flowering.

    I will be taking it easy on nutes especially since I'll be using pots for 10 of the 25 plants and all of them until they reach a good hand to transplant, so if the manufacturer recommends 3 tbsps / gallon I'll be using 1 tbsp at first and ease into it.

    Now for my watering schedule, I plan on putting 10 litres of water in the pots every 7 days and when the ones go in the ground I'll be doing 15 litres every 10 days. So for the in ground ones I'll be visiting them every 3-5 days and for the others in pots I'll be watering them every 3 days. Obviously this schedule will change due to weather like drought and rain, but I'm trying to get an idea of when to mix my teas and how often I'll need to water.

    If anyone can suggest quantities of the products I should buy and a good rotation for the teas then I can move onto the next step. Also if you have any suggestions for any additional products I should add to my list, I welcome your ideas!!

    Thanks again everyone! :hello::p:cool:
  2. i would say you have one hell of a shopping list. you should be able to grow some kush with those nutes. good luck on your grow
  3. :rolleyes:
  4. good nute list. LOL @willspartan
  5. i think for this year you can do this plan but from now on if you can, i would say make your own compost. maybe spend a few hundred dollars this year on loam. instead of buying bags of soil youll get more bang for your buck. then you can take the loam and mix in a bunch of grass clippings, leaves and some manure with lime and youll get a nice hot composting pile. then you can just keep adding stuff into it and youll get awesome natural rich soil for nothing. you can then buy other stuff if you want to throw that in like worm castings and perlite or peat moss but for the most part youll be fine. especially if your using manure teas and weed teas for organic fertilizers.
  6. Thanks green +rep! I'm definently going to start a compost pile this year, I haven't yet because I'm still getting settled into the house.
  7. no problem man. i think more people need to understand the value of composting. for one hting it will free up dumps a bit more if people throw all the biodegradables into their piles, and it will save people money that have gardens because its great stuff and you dont have to pay a ton of money and buy a shit ton of bags. mother natures got our backs!

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