Team Fortress 2 Weapon Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Jiggy-Jabberjaw, May 27, 2009.

  1. Alright, basically come here to trade weapons for TF2. State your Steam ID, and weapons you want/want to trade.

    For example

    ID: {Time Police} HlGHPlNG

    Weapons I want: Huntsman, Ambassador.

    Weapons to trade: KGB, Sandman, Sandvich, and Blutsauger.

  2. There alot of people complaing about this new system. I don't like the sound of it either.

    I hope they'll bring the old system back.
  3. They won't. Valve won't say it, but they hated that every one could get the weapons in a day because of achievement_ servers. I like it, I makes the weapons more valuable and rare. Most people could really care less though...
  4. I don't give a shit about achivements in TF2. I just wanna pwn n00bs with my spy. :D
  5. yeah i like the new system, everybody is being a little crybaby about not getting what they want in one day

    but anyways i don't know how to find my ID, but my profile name is Lunchbox

    i know they just released a little patch, but are we able to trade yet?

    but i got an extra dead ringer, and an extra force a nature for trade

    i need ambassador
  6. Trading is not live yet, but will be soon. I might just make this thread again when it comes out.


    I have: 3 KGB, 1 Sandvich, 2 Backburners, 1 Force-A-Nature, 1 Blutsauger, and 1 energy drink.

    Need: Huntsman, Cloak & Dagger (Whoo, got the Ambassador!).
  7. Don't make another thread, just bring it back.

    There were people saying that they can't get items and been playing for 2 days straight, other people got it less then couple hours.

    It's not really achivements if its random....
  8. Weapons trading = ghey

    Just do the achievements and get the weapons, its not THAT hard.

    This isn't WoW, I don't want to have to deal with trading gear and shit all the time. Just pick a class and don't suck ass at it.
  9. Bakedmagiii/Macaroni Murder Lady
    (if you play AH servers, you'll see me there =])

    I would kill for the back burner.

    Oh yeah, and it isn't hard to get items. I play for a few hours and usually find something 50% of the time.
    Just go places other people don't, take odd routes to cap points and so forth.
  10. Luckily enough, they appear to have brought back the achievement system for the most part. I have a duplicate of almost every weapon now, so it shouldn't be too hard for everyone else.
  11. :wave:i need any hat i dont care witch one and im whilling to trade a sandman and 2 dead ringers and a ubersaw and a blutshauger kurtis98
  12. lol i don't need any weapon...could use a hat tho
  13. i need 1 Blutsauger and i have 2 scotish resistences, 2 huntsmen, 2 direct hits, 1 elelander, and an equalizer to trade. i realy need the blutsauger
  14. {G4C}Uber MediGirl

    wants: earbuds

    willing to trade: anything in my backpack, i really need them for a friend

    TF2 Backpack - {G4C} Uber MediGirl

    this is my backpack. if you are willing message me through steam!!!
  15. i hav tons of wepons to trade...if any1 wants to ID:droctoganupus profile name:<(^_^<) ^(^_^)^ (>^_^)> idrc wat u trade me(nothing super crappy or common though) im just trading to make others happy:)
  16. hi i need only one weapon and that is the black box!

    steam ID wowi132 or daniel_erik i dont remember. the ID itself is steam_0:0:24902824

    desired weapon: the black box ( it is a new bazooka for the soldier)

    weapons to trade: any weapons of the old-school game like the sandman or something!

    i play on a CTF server called NighTeam :: Worldwide gaming community. if you are interested meet me there my name is daniel_erik or email me on!

  17. oh and my backpack is TF2 backpack - daniel_erik

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