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  1. Its been a long time since I've seen a thread just dedicated to chillums. So post a pic of your chillum/chillums. The one in my pic was the first piece I ever bought. I bought it from a local glass blower during a festival. He doesn't have them out in the open so you have to ask to see them. I had just started out smoking and was paranoid about the purchase and just reaches in the case holding the pipes and randomly picked up this chillum. Its a little one, but I love it. Im thinking about placing a custom order for a bigger one.

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  2. im just about to buy one here from a friend friday. how do chillums smoke? ill post a pic later, dont wanna ruin the purpose of this thread ya know?

  3. There are a few ways you can smoke it. The way it was intended to be used is to pretty much cup your hands (or fist) together putting the chillum between your fingers, your lips shouldn't touch the pipe. From what I've read when cupping your hands it helps cool the smoke, but I dont know how true that is. Lots of people loosely wrap a small clothe around the end thats hidden by your hand so no hot pieces of ass or resin touch your skin.(which is why you may not want to put your mouth to it.) Hoped that helped man. Chillums are awesome hope you enjoy yours.
  4. Nice thread man. Just picked up this chillum a few days ago.

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  5. Nice chillum man. Color is sweet.

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