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  1. So heres the start to my new grow. Today I recieved my seeds from Gyspy, was super fast (even though my significant other was getting antsy) and super stealthy. From the time I mailed the money order it only took 10 days. I ordered Pure (or Purple) Power Plant and I got some freebie Indoor Mix! I couldn't believe the STEALTH! The stealth they chose was actually something I wanted to open that wasn't seeds.

    Also today I had gotten paid. I couldn't buy everything I wanted to get for my hydro but I got enough to get me started. Heres what I picked up:

    1 qt Rockwool Conditioner
    1 qt EarthJuice Grow
    12 4 x 4 x 4 Rockwool cubes (sold in 6 pks)
    Some plastic sheeting
    Aluminum Foil

    All that will have to do until my friends gets me the $200 I am loaning them till they get paid on the 10th and pay me back (they were a little short for rent cause they got ill mid-May). After that I am going to buy the rest of what I need.

    Panda Film
    EarthJuice - Catalyst, Micro-blast, and Meta-K
    Some Rockwool starter cubes for my cuttings
    bout 50 more 4 x 4 x 4 Rockwool cubes
    1 more timer
    More 0-10gph emitters

    And I got a great deal on HPS lights. I was searching through my local Craigslist and found a guy with almost brand new what he called "shop lights" that he used in his cabinet shop and was getting rid of, HPS Pendant style lights 400w each, four of them for $40!...

    This works out great for me as I am planning on having a perpetual system, I'm going to have inside my closet a small cloning chamber, and a veg. And when it comes time to start the flowering I am getting an ebb and flow set up in my room in the corner (I don't need to worry about stealth. And my spouse would like to see them) For the cloning chamber I'm going to be using 270 w of 10 27w fluoros I hooked up wiring in a medium pizza box and made it like a lamp to hang. You'd have to see it to believe it. I'll take pix of all of this when I get my batteries to my camera charged up. and I'm going to use 400w HPS for veg and I'm going to use one for flowering. I don't want to be burning up too much energy in my lil house.

    My hydro system is a drip system that I make making I guess what I would call manually passive. I have a cooler up on top of the shelf in the closet with a hose attached to the valve to empty the cooler which I am going to fill with enough nutrient solution to flow down the tube to the emitter splitter to all the plants and feed them when necessary. so I dont have to take the cooler down I've attached another piece of tubing to the top with a funnel make pouring into the cooler easier for me. So this will be a no waste hydro system.

    But Like I said Ill be taking pictures soon.
  2. I have sat two peanut butter jars by my snakes light, one jar with 10 PPP seeds and the other with 2 Indoor Mix at 4:25PM I was finished.

    At 5:15PM I had walked by and noticed that 3 PPP seeds had already sunk to the bottom, and 1 Indoor had sunk as well.

    6:33PM - Total of 7 PPP seeds now are sunk and still 1 Indoor
  3. Heres a pic of the closet closed:

    Pic of the R door open (its a sliding door) to access:

    Pic of Inside:

    Front showing floor:

    And lastly I just wanted to show off some great local medical marijuana I've been smoking:
  4. Just picked up four 400w HPS lights for $40. When I picked them up from the guy he straight up told me he used them for growing "huge 6ft killer marijuana plants" LMMFAO. i still insisted on telling him that they were for my garage (they're pendant lights). cause u never know who you really are talking to. great deal, they all work and all came with lights and he even handed me a brand new light that he just bought that i wasnt expecting. I'll put pics up later.
  5. the deal you got for those hps lights is ridiculous... wanna sell one? :p
    good luck with everything :)

    any sprouts up yet?

    p.s. what exactly is a "pendant light"?
  6. p.s. what exactly is a "pendant light"?[/QUOTE]

    its the ones that are vertical with the ballast attached to the top of the light when i get home if my spouse didnt take the camera with em ill take a shot of them
  7. Well, updates, updates. I've had 2 sprouts come up and one died because the heat was just too much I guess. So I took the reflector off it and the heat got a lot better instead of just funneling down onto the plant. Here's some pics of the lights that I got for $40 for 4. I took some pics of the other seedling but its kind small to see and I dont want to hurt all your poor halfway squinted chinese eyes.... you need to save that vision for your own grow!

    4 - 400w lights

    400w light labels
  8. those are strange lights.

    anyways, you should get a fan in there to help get rid of the heat
  9. the heat went away with the reflector, so its not a problem, later i will get one yes, i'm going to get a good blower and shit....but right now i have lots of windows and keep them always open and i live in a good spot where the wind is always blowing through the house and the door to the closet i leave open cause like i said stealthy really doesnt need to apply to me. Right now I have the light on 20/4. And they're not strange lights, they're just normal, just the ballast attached, you can take it apart and wire it to be like a "regular" light.... and i could get a diff reflector for it too if I wanted to.... but i think i am going to keep it just vertical with the mogul base. I already sold the other two I got for $40 ea. doubled my money and got two lights off of it!!!
  10. well ive had some bad luck I believe with these sprouts I've had three come up since putting them in their germinating late night Friday... One died and the other two are just opening up and seem to be doing fine. I was planning on a 12-18plant sog. but i'll just have to do more than i was planning of taking cuttings I guess.... hence forth I'll have to let them grow a bit longer, but thats OK...

    heres a sprout thats just opening:(shot taken at 8:45pm last night)

    just starting to open up: (shot taken at 1am late night)

    sprout opening: (shot taken at 1:30pm today)

    Overall the sprout looks healthy, minus that brown stuff on the one leaf, I dont know wtf that is.... but it was on there when it popped out of the seed some I'm assuming the plant is healthy.. Dont have pics of the other sprout coming up yet because the seed just came off the top... so its just undressed :)
  11. so i had gone to the store and came back and i notice i now i have 3 alive sprouts!!! yay i'm getting there..... still lots of cloning. So my closet is 5ft by 5ft and about 20" deep. I was going to split the chamber in half and put a 400w on each side and do 2 perpetual SOG grows of 12-18 plants each. but if i used the whole chamber as one I could put as many as 72 in there if I really wanted to push it. ideally about 45 or so is what i would get. so what do you guys think should I go perpetual or should I stay with just one large grow??? I'm also going to be building a cloning chamber on the top shelf if I use the whole chamber method..... what do you guys think?
  12. 1/4 teaspoon per gal dose administered to babies
  13. new pix just taken

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  14. Day 2 I started them on 1/4 teaspoon nutes to start off with (earthjuice says full is 3 teaspoon....) almost done with this gallon i mixed up next im going to make 1/2 teaspoon and so on...

    plant 1:

    plant 2:

    plant 3: (i call 'em short shack :) )
  15. Update pics again! enjoy! im having a bit of trouble with the bulbs (need new ones) running them on the schedule they dont want to turn back on some of the times.... if it werent for that i think they would be bigger.. :)

    i think the third one is some sort of runt... he gets big leaves but doesnt grow taller.!! hes more indica than the rest of the PPP.... oh and btw no indoor mix even sprouted, and out of 10 i got 4 germinated in that batch, how shitty, oh well just means lots of cloning, and fertilizing a few female buds...

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  16. Earlier I had noticed some algae starting to form on one of the cubes so I had to arrange it so I had to cover the Rockwool up and well the taproot had start to come out the bottom of two.. My bright idea was my neighbors 3.5" plastic nursery pots that she had planted mounds of flowers from. They were square so I could easily fit them... so I sized up the rockwool, slid them into the pot, filled the hole where I had rocks supporting the plant with the rockwool I had cut off the sides to fit it in (I had 4" blocks) and them slide the plastic on sideways, cutting a X for the plant to come out of the top!!! And BRAVADO!

    So I'm sitting her actually thinking about how I want this SOG system I am setting up to all work.... Right now in my possession I have two MH lights 400w each...., a set up of 135w of CFLS, and a little 18" zoo med light that was left here from the previous tenant that I don't know how many watts it is

    My strain is Pure Power Plant, which I think will be a good choice for this grow.

    Right now as well I have 3 seedlings, that are going to work as mothers. And a fourth one will poke up through the surface within the next day or two. My closet I am using to grow in is about approx. 5 ft (L) x 4 1/2 ft (H) [to the shelf about another foot and a few inches to the top is the shelf) x 16" deep. So thats 5ft x 4.5ft x 16". I'm thinking that the mothers will be the the far left end of the closet in 6" rockwool cubes and square pots, so that leaves me with 4 ft for clones, if I used the 3.5" rockwool cubes and square pots so I dont have that root issue I can fit 9 rows of 4 plants leaving about a half inch between each plant. (36 plants) And the mothers will grow with the plants, out of every crop I will pick a few to become the new mother so I don't loose consistancy. Also I will separate some of the males with my CFLs and flower them till they are about to release pollen and collect that pollen and store it and every flower fertilize some of the small tiny buds on the bottom.

    Vegging for me I think will be 2 400W MH, I use EarthJuice Nutes so the Grow, Catalyst, Micro, and Meta-K. Also Hygrozyme. As many as I can get and place them in a dome. veg till about 6-8 (max)" tall and flower.

    Flowering will be with a 1000w HPS I plan on building myself. for both set up of lights I plan on building a homemade cool tube that I saw so I can keep my temps low. As of right now my temps for "day" are about 80 degrees at all times, hasnt gone higher than 83, which is OK for the strain I have (African genetics? whats your guys opinion on my temp?) Just before harvest, I saw this technique a guy on another site used, a week and a half before harvest he cut the main bud off (I like that high better anyway) and it triggered the lower buds to bloom and put on weight. Of course I am going to run tests... I'll probably do this to 1/3 to 1/2 of the plants to see whats up with this... the guy got 15g off the cola and another 15g off of the smaller buds... 30g for a SOG plant is awesome IMO and from what I have seen. I think he said he spent a total of just under 10 weeks. His was also in soil, not hydro.

    As far as cloning I have a special spot to watch these babies , I will use the CFL setup I have, soon I will be adding 5 more bulbs that are 25w for another 125w to the setup of CFLS so I will clone with the proprogation and dome, with rockwool starters (1.5") and about 250w of CFL.

    Oh and manually watering the plants, except for the mothers, I will have them on a drip feed since they'll require a bit more.

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  17. hello defendantofhate , sounds liek you have alot of thinking/planning ahead of you , dont you just love getting everything processed from your head into your grow room, i love it.

    will be keen to decide on which way you decide to go in regard to your SOG issues.
    80F is a great temp but shouldnt go any higher, just remember what season your in if its summer now your laughing, but if its winter, i think you get my drift. higher temps can be benifitial for faster growth to a point. CO2 allows much higher temps to be used (upto 90F). EDIT 83 is going to cause problems, IMO its too hot,soloution=C02 they would love it but comes at a cost and some more fiddling, though ive seen some growers grow in simliar conditions with minimal effects to plant growth guess you will just have to see if the temps cant be dropped anymore.

    well ill be watching and good luck

    stay safe
  18. yes its coming into summer now just a few days... its been about 80 outside and inside my house 70-75 without using a fan or anything yet inside the house just open breezes in my house.... they've grown a bit more.....

    my mh bulb went out i ordered a new 1 itll take a wk but i got my 135w of cfls on them till then theyve grown a bit faster too... i think this strain might like it under cfl for the first week or so?

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  19. saw some algae still underneath so i used electric tape to tape them up so theres no even little light leaks.... new pics

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  20. Hint no. 1

    White plastic does not block light from going through :)

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