Teaching class to roll a blunt.

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  1. So I'm baked and tomorrow have to do a demonstration style speech for my public speaking class. I'm not sure what to do, I have to demonstrate how to do something and I don't really have any ideas.

    Then I thought, maybe I can take a broken down blunt and bring tobacco and show the class how to roll a cigarillo. I doubt any of my class smokes and they seem kind of uptight. But Should I be IDGAF mode or is this too outrageous of an idea?

    And if so any ideas of what present alternatively? :confused:
  2. Why not something else that interests you, that has nothing to do with weed.
  3. terrible idea dude.
  4. yeah this just inst a good idea lol...
  5. I knew it! My buddies were trying to coax me into doing it.. But I have no idea what I can demonstrate :confused_2:
  6. I did "how to draw a barn in perspective" haha. I had a packet from another class that just spelled it out step by step, and it seemed a lot more impressive than it actually was. And I had the class do it along with me, so it worked really well. Something like that, or origami, or something pretty simple that seems fancy is good.
  7. Bad idea. Show em how to roll a joint instead.
  8. Teach them to make a pb&j, the old standby.
  9. Teach them to fly.:cool:
  10. Do you have a blender in your kitchen?

    Ask your mom if there's a blender in the house.

    Then get some carrots. May be a dozen sticks of them.

    And demonstrate in front of the class how to make carrot juice.

    Do you think you can do that?
  11. 1. Plug in the blender.

    2. Open the lid.

    3. Insert carrots.

    4. Close the lid.

    5. Turn on the blender.

    6. Let the blender blend.

    7. Tunr off the blender.

    8. Pour the content into a cup and give it to your teacher, or anyone who wants to try it.


    You might want to add a few table spoon of sugar while the blender is blending. It adds a bit of sweet flavor to the result.
  12. Yeah that would be a bit obnoxious..

    I would think of something else.
  13. Do the classic "How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich" bit.
  14. lmao your friends are just trying to fuck with you for their own amusement man.
  15. Man fuck! I don't have a blender. I think I'm going to show the class how to wrap a present. Now I just have to first learn how to wrap a gift:bolt:
  16. Show them how to make something with Oragami. Maybe make like 5 different types, talk a little about the background and fold paper. Easy.
  17. Teach them how to dougie
    But the original, not the new not hood one
  18. I thought you were a teacher about to teach the class how to roll one lol..

    How long does it have to be? (length of time?)
  19. Well you couldn't bring in a broken down blunt, it would dry out...

    Besides I'm pretty sure that breaking open the blunt is part of the process that you would have to teach :p
  20. I would think that bringing tobacco onto school property would get you kicked out pretty fast.

    Try this, making a shirt out of a dollar bill. It's easy and pretty cool.

    Dollar Bill Shirt

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