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  1. I have a latin teacher who is into Mountain biking and the music he listens to is such stoner music. He is sucha a chill guy and i know there is no way he cant smoke. But i know he will never admit it. Die anybody else have or had a teacher that smoked, even if they didnt tell you?


  2. I was able to toke up with one of my college teachers, but never any high school teachers. Pretty cool guy. He used to always come out with a group of us to the bar on Wednesday night. I'd known for awhile that he smoked. Us stoners can pick each other out pretty well most times. LOL, one night at the bar I simply said I was going outside to burn one and he said "Mind if I join you?"

    As ya'll know, 'Ol Indy would never mind! :D
  3. my 5th grade teacher smoked massive amounts of pot. he was a crazy guy, but everyones favorite. i should go visit him one of these days, he's still in the same exact classroom. hmm..
  4. I had this teacher who would constantly come to school high :p. He got other teachers into it...

  5. I was a substitute teacher for two months at a high school outside of DC. Ironically, I taught Latin and talked to my students about my favorite hobby (music, not smoking) all the time. By the time I left, quite a few of the people in my classes suspected that I smoked. No one was brave enough to proposition me about smoking with them, though. I would have done it in a heartbeat.

    WookiesAreCool, you should ask him discreetly. He might be just like me.
  6. god bless you, i wish i had a sub i could burn a j with


  7. I know of two teachers that smoke, and probobly 5 or more that most likely do. It's easy to pick them out lol. They are all pretty cool too.
  8. there were two instructors that i smoked up with more than once during my tenure at AIP My computer teacher and a drawing teacher both had a healthy appetite for the green. I even got smoked out by the drawing teacher once. oh man, it was as good as one expects an old man to be able to get. :D
  9. Yea that's why being a teacher has got to be a great job. No drug tests, no working during the summer, and you get to be in charge and tell kids what to do.

    My friend toked with his HS math teacher, but that was after hs. I saw him holding the bowl though. I'm sure a decent % of teachers smoke, probably like 5% or something.
  10. My physics teacher has to smoke. He always talks to me about Zeppelin and the Dead, and goes to rock concerts all the time. Plus he's always eating, always has glassy red eyes, and always does crazy experiments to explain shit.
  11. My 4th-5th grade teacher has always smoked, he never said anything about it, but it's rather obvious to anyone who also does. He even has a "Magic School bus" - hippie painted
    Heck maybe now that I've been out of school for so many years, he wouldn't mind toking up with an old student of his...?

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