Teachers eat weed muffins from a student and he gets arrested

Discussion in 'General' started by highinhouston, May 20, 2006.

  1. wtf that's dumb robber drops gun. what a dunbass (the robber).
  2. WTF the link changed let me fix it damn
  3. I guess the brownie culprits wanted to covertly get some teachers stoned and then have a good laugh at the teaches as they stumbled around, got cottonmouthed and went paranoid.

    It's funny to think about some straitlaced teachers in a weed-daze in a school environment, but unfortunately, Amerikkka has become far too uptight and far too much of a police state for such pranks.

    Only in Amerikkka would they treat such an event with an overdose of blue piggies storming into a school like a rabid pack of nazi pot police.

    Then again, why would anyone want to waste good brownies on people who don't appreciate them anyway and who will freak and phone the nazis?

  4. Whats with the ameri"kkk"a?
  5. Heh, This will be fun.
  6. It had to have Benadryl in it.. Either that or theygot so high they didnt know what was going on.
  7. OMFG...weapon of mass destruction...did you guys hear her say that?


    Still. I think intentionally making someone ingest something they don't want to is wrong. Especially on an unsuspecting person. Very mean. IMO.
  8. What's with the Amerikkka you ask? Are you watching what's going on with the NSA spying on US citizens and the phone companies handing over 300 million phone records to the govt? The Patriot Act--which is nothing but an end-run around the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

    Friend, in case you haven't noticed America has become Amerikkka, The Police State.

    I simply replaced the one 'c' with three 'k's to denote the fascist tone of the nation's current plight that is veering towards a fullblown fascist state.

  9. The KKK was a rascist underground group dude, if you want to represent fascism make is NAmeriZI.
  10. Look familiar?

  11. Did the teachers actually get sick or did they just get high but the news channel replaced the word high with sickened to be more dramatic? How can anyone say they thought a fucking muffin was a weapon of mass destruction? Fucking dumbasses
  12. I'm at a loss of words.
  13. Yeah man, wtf. "Weapon of mass destruction?" you've got to be shitting me. And yeah, the teachers probably just got high. But the news reporter probably just needed to spruce up what really happened.

    And to DeanWormer, chill out dude. I don't know where you live but I'm not gonna start talking shit about where you live. That's fine that you are voicing your opinion, but it offends people to often. And you don't seem to know a lot about the kkk, so next time do your reading and maybe you'll learn that nazi's and the kkk were two different groups.
  14. i don't disagree with him spelling it amerikkka, as i feel this country is run by racists. what i disagree with is his explination. while legally i am an american citizen i consider myself a human being and the label american as a tie to the government. so when people say stuff about "america" i disregard it as i don't feel they are talking about me directly.
  15. I live right here in the USA, dude, and before you go too far revealing your lack of intelligence and education, you might try to read the 1st Amendment re: free speech. I don't need correcting from a lowly educated doper. Before you open your piehole the next time and expose a whole lot of nothing, maybe it's YOU who needs an educational primer.

    First off, you incorrectly used "to" when you meant "too." (It doesn't look good when you attempt to 'correct' people in public and then expose your own ignorance in the process. Maybe you were stoned on the day they discussed acronyms.)

    Secondly, if you can't properly compose a sentence with correct grammatical devices, why would you expect anyone to accept anything you have to say?

    You said that "nazis and the kkk were two different groups" (duh) but the Klan and the Nazis have plenty in common, namely hatred, violence, the denial of basic God-given rights and ignorance. Why do you think that scores of neoNazis were formerly Klan members?

    If you're so bright, then tell us where the root origin of Nazism came from?

  16. First off, just because you make a few grammatical errors in a post doesnt mean you have a "lack of intelligence and education". Someone may be bad at grammar but it has nothing to do with their knowledge of history or global affairs. Your attemp at the writing in his post is merely to ridicule him. So far, in this forum, redzepplin has contributed much more than you, so show some respect.

    Secondly you dont understand the kkk issue. The kkk was merely an organization devoted to secretly manifesting their hatred for other races, notably african americans. So by associating the american government (I suppose you mean the govt, and not the entire nation) with the kkk, you are suggesting our country is becoming rascist. The kkk has nothing to do with the suppression of freedom of speech, in fact its the manifestesion of the racist people's freedom of speech (unfortunatly also manifested with violence).
  17. "dangerous levels of THC".....does that even exist?

  18. Ok junior, time for class.

    Respect is earned; it is not an entitlement. Neither the State nor you tells me who to respect and that's a good thing because my standards are based on higher things than you currently understand. Sorry comrade but choosing who to respect is my business and not yours and anyway, who cares about 'respect'--it's mostly a lame term that is so loaded with bs that only nags and hypocrites use it anyway.

    I love it when you get rolling and then crash--like this next one:

    "The kkk was merely an organization devoted to secretly manifesting their hatred for other races, notably african americans."

    "Merely" he says! Whew--talk about an understatement in choice of wordage. But it gets better. Next you say the Klan was:

    "...devoted to secretly manifesting their hatred for other races, notably african americans."

    Yeah, those untold numbers of black corpses found hanging from trees and found floating in muddy rivers throughout 300 years of US history were really "secret manifestations" 'of hatred' by the Klan! Little child, did you know your educators have betrayed you?

    Ok junior, listen up and learn something. As a historian and filmaker I have stood inside the grocery store in Money, MS and documented where Emmett Till was kidnapped in the 1950's by two crazy-killing-mad crackers. As a television producer I attempted to interview Roy Bryant in the early 90's before his death but he lived a quiet, hemetic existence. That case has recently been re-opened due to "new evidence."

    Till was kidnapped from Moses Wright's house in the wee hours and was later beaten by some bloodthirsty cowards and then physically deformed and eventually viciously murdered in a still-unsolved crime. For you to suggest the government of that time did not play a large part in the continuing injustice and re-occurance of those types of race crimes is sheer ignorance and certifies you as being totally clueless about said topic. I have former police officers from that era who have told me that they actively worked to violate the rights of those citizens and to harm them physically.

    I know more about that dark side of American history that you could ever comprehend cause I've been there and seen it. Up close. Saw the river where he was thrown into and felt the evil that is still in that land. Don't tell me about racism and the Klan. I've seen things that would make you wet your diapee.

    So please cease and desist with your I've-got-hundreds-of-posts-on-this-forum-and-get-to-pee-on-anyone-new-because-I-don't-have-much-of-a-life-anyway attitude cause I don't play that game, junior.

    Now go on and play with your bongo drums and come back in 10 years when you know something real. And remember--this is all in fun, ok? Verbal volleyball meant to enlighten, inform, entertain and correct where necessary.

    Have a bowl of Alphabets and smile. I wish I had an entire box of them right now.

  19. lol right

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