Teacher Wants Proof.

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  1. Well a couple of weeks ago a teacher of mine was discussing marijuana with our class. One of the students asked if weed causes cancer. I said it didnt cause cancer. The teacher gives me this are you really that stupid look. She says in a know it all voice, "well I'm pretty sure anything you inhale into your lungs causes cancer". I told here that the THC actually stops the cancer. She said she's never heard of that and challenged me with proof.

    So, do you guys have some links to studies or the like that will prove to her that marijuana doesn't cause cancer.
  2. Unfortunately there is no proof that it doesn't cause cancer, along with there being no proof that it does.
  3. there millions of carcinogens out there.
  4. Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection - washingtonpost.com

  5. This is a good opportunity for you to educate your teacher and your peers.

    While smoking anything might cause lung and airway irritation, which is of course not good, the one recent study that I know of that tried to prove marijuana caused cancer found that in fact, marijuana smoking, even heavy, was not linked to a greater risk for lung cancer.

    Study Finds No Link Between Marijuana Use And Lung Cancer

    I can't find the actual text of the UCLA report, but I think that article is enough to prove your point.

    Ask to present your findings in front of class for extra lulz at your teacher :D.

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