Teacher See's the Red Eye

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  1. Well before school one day, the kid i drive gets into my car with his bubbler and a half eigth. We smoke it all in the 7 min car ride to school, plus a little in the student parking lot. So i walked into school, chillin, and i didnt have eye drops. I usually wear my sunglasses into school when im high, cause i forget i have them on, lol. So i go into my class, and im like seriously 10 sec late, i even ran and it killed my high a little. The asshole teacher was like, your late, get out. Im like come on, just let me in. Hes like "get a pass". So im like "alright, i got you on a pass". So i go over to my 3rd hour teachers room to se if i can get her to say i was late because i was in her class. So i walk in and ask, and shes like "Take of the sunglasses firstly", so i take them off, and i had such bad red eye, i swear i had no white in my eyes. the next words out of her mouth were "so how high are YOU this morning?". My being the stoner i am, i didnt think about it, and i was like "pretty freaking baked, and did a stonerish laugh" So shes like, "why?". I just said "i dont know". So shes like, alright, so you need a pass, because you were smoking and were late. I go "yeah, thats the situation". She goes, alright, and writes me a pass to class. I go back to my other class, and he was FURIOUS i got a pass, and even called the teacher and she lied for me. I couldent beleive it. She always teases me about smoking too much. Awesome teacher.

    - Vince
  2. thats pretty awsome, there were a few teachers, where we could openly be high, and joke around with them about it.
  3. Thats really sweet that you have a teacher to cover for you like that. In my freshman year of hs, i has a rasta humanities teacher that was like that. Id come into class pretty stoned, and hed be sitting there watching tv for the first 20 mins of class, in his fluffy chair. I never used eyedrops, so my eyes were ablazin, BUT SO WERE HIS! ahhaa we would both just look at eachother and start laughing, that stoner intuition. Never have smoked with him tho, ill try to this summer after i get out of this hell hole.

    woops i never did mention that it is a fact that he smoked ( if it wasnt obvious)
  4. man i need to find me one of those tools :)
  5. i talk to my teacher about alot of advebtures me anc my friends have.....dont give names though...she always asks hahaha "who was that?" " a friend" "who?" "dont trip!"

    hahaha she wants me to give up names everytime and i always say the same thing!

    hahaha she hella chill though
  6. That's an awesome teacher.
    Hs, i'm assuming?
    None of my teachers are like that.
    Welcome to the city, btw. :)
  7. dude my teachers all knew i did drugs, but i was such a good kid for some reason they just didnt care. (Eagle Scout, good grades, Killer SAT's - that shit helped for the image.)
  8. wish i ever went to a school where the teachers were like thatP:( at schools in AUS you would immediatly get suspended for liek 5-10 days for being high it sux
  9. One of my teachers is an old school stoner. He claims he doesnt smoke anymore (but he's said to teh entire class that he used to smoke. I personally think its BS, and am going to smoke him out at the end of the year when he retires.

    If I ever need a place to go or if I need to get out of a bad situation, I could always go to this guy. He's seriously one of the most down to earth teachers I have.
  10. i got 2 teachers like that. they say if im EVER high, that i come to them if i needed some cologne or eye drops. but eye drops dont do shit for me, i always have swollen eyes after smoking.
  11. Sounds like a chill teacher. Always the better kind, I feel classes function better when the teacher isn't an ass. More encourgement to attend all the classes as well. In HS I had a art teacher who was quite often blazed. He was cool.
  12. you guys inspire me.
    sometimes my silly friends point out that i may be baked to the teacher. and of course, being the resident stoner, if anything comes up related to weed, people need to turn and look and laugh and all of that good stuff.

  13. Same here man.
  14. Lucky you guys, all my teachers SUCK. My 2nd period teacher used to be a stoner, wanna know how bad he was? After HS him and his brother moved into the woods of Humboldt County where he was attending college. They built their own house with NO ELECTRICITY.

    I always come to school way baked, but my eyes are never red. But the people around me always tell me i smell like it so i get the girls to spray their perfume around :) My 1st period teacher is like 80 years old and she always gives me dirty looks and like when i ask her a question she will yell at me. Everyone in class says she knows. NOT CHILL
  15. I was also lucky enought to have a teacher that didn't care that I got high before school. Me and my buddy Ryan always used to go across the street and toke up before school in the dug outs. My first hour art teacher always knew that we were high and always laughed at us. Good times.
  16. All my teachers knew I was baked especially my Chefs teahcer Ms. Elliot I used to eat everything.
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    i smoked 2 hash joints at lunch about a year ago an my eyes were harsh red, came back 2 school an about 20 seconds after i got in my principle pulled me aside an was like hey man ur baked an i was just like no becuz i didnt have any bud on me an he searched me an found sum caffein pills which i had on my person an he was like oh shit ur doing E at school :)
  18. turn your red eye into a stink eye and your set

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