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Teacher saw eyedrops...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Warpclaw, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Ok so i was taking my calculator out and my eyedrops fell out while the teacher was looking, and i said "ohshit" and quickly grabbed it, which makes everything seem so much more suspicious...can she file a complaint and get me drug tested based on suspicion of carrying eye drops?
  2. No lol the worst she could do is send you to the principles and if she didnt do anything when she saw them than you more than likely have nothing to worry about.

  3. But she was staring me down like for the rest of the period (whic was like 5 mins)
  4. So say you're using them for what they're actually intended... They're hardly gonna drug test you for having a legal product.
  5. So she thinks you're shady now.. Screw her
  6. Somebodies paranoid, you have allergies hence the eye drops....
  7. It's probably because you freaked out about something so minor.
  8. My friend goes in the biggest sarcastic voice "yeah allergies, sure"
  9. You don't appear to understand how getting caught works...
    Was it weed? No? Quit worrying then.
    You can't get in trouble for possessing eye drops.
  10. Yep last time i checked you dont get a fine for eye drops
  11. My teachers know I smoke lol. But what is she gunna do tell your parents that you smoke because you have eyedrops?
  12. Plus im not entirely sure, but I don't think school officials can go around drug testing kids.
  13. Ikr hahaha
  14. Seriously .. minor freak out
  15. A teacher should give zero fucks about eye drops. Not only is it not their business, it's also just eye drops.
  16. I guess at least this thread would be in the right area of the forum.

    Eyedrops. They are for other reasons too.
  17. OP, unless you put THC in those eye drops, I wouldn't worry about it...
  18. I thought you said: So I was talking to my calculator..... ;DDD I would believe in that

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