Teacher said "You smell like pot..."

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  1. Aight well, I got an adult ed school. Dont worry about how old i am, Dont worry about what school i go to. People dont need to know on here because of shit i do...

    So anyways.

    I go to an adult ed school. And this teacher. Ms. P we'll call her. Well Ms. P and my homeboy marc who also goes to the school were supposed to all go out to lunch last friday.

    Well i had Ms.P for 2 hours first class then 2 hours second class, Same class. 35 minute lunch break inbetween the classes.

    So i came in 30ish minutes lated stoned as a mother fuck with this gurl kym. My boy always comes here and even if he dont go to class he takes us and smokes us up.

    We smoke a fatt ass joint, Like 1ish gram joint before school and went to the store got a pack of ports while i rolled it. Then rolled around the hood bumping shit like Luda - Blueberry Yum Yum on his bad ass sub's.

    Got stoned as hell none-the-less. Bascially a wake-n-bake becuase i woke up not long before we smoked.

    Well i go to class 30ish plus minutes late with kym, Told teacher me n my boy went to the store to get squares because she seen us leaving, Then i told her i gotta call from my cousin and he needed a ride to court so we picked him up and took him to court. I told her at lunch i gotta pick him up.

    So at lunch we rolled out again. Me n my boy and kym and candice as usual, Same people everytime. I rolled a fat J in the parking lot like as fat as the one that morning and then we took off bumping and smoknig to a house about 3/4 a mile away. Finished bumping and smoking in this nukkas drive way. Well this nukka, I thought he had a problem with me because of what people told me before. So i was ready to scrap and didnt want to go in.

    Well i went in with them and everything was straight and i got his number and shit and we talked about hanging out in the ol days. We was bumping some Pyschopathic Ryda's on his two 12's and shit. He was fucked up from the night before on xanys and said yall want to smoke a joint?

    Well my boy who took us here said, Naa man, I dont smoke other peoples weed.

    We all look at him like what?!?!?!?

    He says, Ill go to my ride and grab my sack and smoke yall up, Sound like a deal?

    Mircale(Whos house we was over) said hell yeah.

    So my boy goes out there and im smoknig a port and passing it beteween the 4 of us lol.

    My boy comes back up, He goes im getting down to bussiness and we all laughed lol.

    He weighed it out and broke up 3.5 grams of bud. Well 4 of us stoned already from the joint of dank we smoked on the way here and miracale all pilled out.

    Well he breaks up a eighth of fucking weed of some dank ass chronic.

    Rolls up a huge ass white mans blunt, Thing was humungous.

    Passed it to me, And said light it. I sat there and strared at it for like 2-3 minutes before lighting the damn thing. Then i lit it and jus felt like a king smoking this huge thing.

    Like 40 mintues later the things almost out. We already late for class and shit. So my boy who smoked the J and brought us here didnt want to go to his next class he dropped it, Both the girls wanted to stay here, And i wanted to to but im out of abscense and im not dropping classes, Itsa waste of money.

    So i went with kevin a lil while later, Super fucking ripped and smoked a couple ports and bumping incrwasing my buzz.

    I told him i got a bad feeling about this, He says jus go itll be straight you need the credits.

    So i go in, Security guard's grimming me i dont care for shit.; Im covered in axe body srpay. I go to class, Tell teacher it took awhile picking up my cuz from corut my bad.

    She marks me there the whole time like first class.

    Well a few minutes later she walks up to me and says they had a good lunch and shit, Then she goes, "you smell like pot". I was freaked now. I kinda thought she smoked but unsure and know she did back in the day and know shes still a drinker.

    Well she goes or maybe its ciggerattes, Im like yeah i got newports on me and i show her even tho i gotta fat roach in there from that white mans we smoked.

    She goes aight, Then she goes you gotta next class i said yeah, She asked who, I told her and she said oh aight you'll be fine.


    That means she knew i was blazed as fuck, Everybody did. But shit in my school half the dudes blazed all the time if not more.

    But most people she'd send to the office, She cool as fuck with me so she had my back and made sure i wouldnt get busted next hour.

    Some cool ass teachers out there.

    Not another busted story here.

    So at next smoke break i went and smoked the roach with a homie and we both got blazed because it was a huge roach.

    Went to third hour, last class, stoned as fuck aswell.

    This was last friday BTW.
  2. I didnt read all of it. Might be a bit easier if you condense it just a little....
  3. I read it all, thats a good story lol.
  4. hell yeah.
  5. yeah that was long as hell but hey sounds good, cool when you find other people who arent dicks about smoking
  6. i thought it was a pretty good story, good thing she is cool with you man, nice to know there are decent people out there that wont bust everyone at any chance they get
  7. Nice man... you always have some good stories.

    It's good to know that not everyone in the world is a complete prick...

    Toke on!
  8. That story could of been told in like 20 seconds, but no you wrote a book.
  9. Im in school so read the whole thing now.

    That musta been a fat blunt man. But seems you dont seem to go to many classes on time lol.
  10. hell ya!

    don't you love them days?

    i read your whole story...and i dunno i didn't see how long it was at first i just started reading and just felt compelled to finish!! great story tho I had a couple smiles

    like the Newport being shared among 4 peeps :eek: :eek:
  11. good story, little long tho but lol still a good story man..chill teacher u got
  12. Back in senior year i had a friend that went to class baked as fuck, and the teacher asked if he was high, and my friend being the dumbass he is laughed, and our teacher said "cool" and walked away.
  13. haha long story, but it was a good read, cool stuff man
  14. haha good story man nice..I love reading stories like that, good times.
  15. dam i wish i had teachers like that when i was in school, o well.. i hated school tho lol. sounds like a sweet teacher tho
  16. lol i got this fresh ass auto tech teacher that reminds me of your teacher dude. i came to school, smoked up, high and red eyed, stumbling like fuck. he looks at me and asks me if im drunk, and im like naw man, its the reefer. he says, well if you dont feel like working on the car today, and id prefer you not so you dont get hurt, go sit in the back of the jeep. man i layed there in the back of the car with the tinted windows and the radio playing. my friend john comes in and asks me what the hell im doing and i tell him the story, and hes like damn man i wish i was high right now and chilled. man it was a good day, this shit happened on friday too. some teachers are G as can mothafucking be lol.
  17. good story reminds me of my high school. Mad teachers smoked weed and most teachers were chill about me comin stoned to class. damn those were good days.
  18. And tommrow, I got the same teacher same class as the story. 2 hours in the morn, Then 35 minute lunch break which we always take off and smoke and bump. Then 2 more hours of the same class.

    She told me a couple days ago, Go to the first half and i dont need to be there the second half.

    Dont need to tell me again.

    So expect another story from me tommrow of what we'll be doing tommrow during that time.
  19. hahahahaa i love teachers who smoke....+rep i like reading ur stories they r tight

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