Teacher Reminds Students Of Their Constitutional Rights, Faces Possible Disciplinary Action

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tripace, May 27, 2013.

  1. http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20130525/news/705259921/
    Aren't surveys supposed to be anonymous to begin with? If they'd given me one with my name printed on it, mine would have ended up in the trash can anyway.

  2. Most of the students probably wouldn't incriminate themselves anyway, but I think it demonstrates excellent teaching when an instructor relates the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with issues students can personally relate to.
    His being suspended for citing/correctly paraphrasing the Constitution is absurd. 
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    I think detectives would be able to manipulate a lot of young people into saying things they don't have to. It is just a combination of police tactics as well as being taken into custody which is scary as hell for most young people. They would likely say incriminating things, probably unknowingly, in hopes of the situation ending.
    I was lucky enough to have a teacher in high school who was a lawyer. He taught American Government. We once spent the whole period asking him questions pertaining to probable cause, civil rights, and situations of police encounters. It is rare you get free legal advice from a lawyer. It's one of the few things I learned in school that I applied to real life.
  4. Batavia is literally the next town over from me. This pisses me off so much I have no words for it. Public schools are nothing more than a shut up and do as you are told without question indoctrination camp for kids these days.
  5. Truly disheartening, have you heard anything bout this story in your local news before?
  6. Not a damn word. Big shocker there, the government's private media suppressing a story of freedom. I never would've thunk it.

  7. Does this remind anybody of the whole IRS scandal going on right now? It's like everyday now you hear some story where somebody gets in trouble for supporting the constitution. Cops are taught that people who make references to the constitution can be possible terror suspects, groups promoting the constitution are targeted for IRS audits, and now teachers are being punished for reminding students of their rights.

    There is clearly something going terribly wrong in this country. And the amount of people who simply just don't give a fuck blows my mind. I just told my grandma (a republican) about this story and she just sits there with a blank look on her face for about 3 seconds, says 'hmmm wierd' and goes back to watching Dr. Phil. This country is going to shit and nobody seems to give a damn.
  8. Holy shit

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    My wife. My friends. My brother. It sucks man. No one really cares.

    My wife is constantly complaining about how much it sucks to be as poor as we are now. But she wont listen when i start talking about rules and regulations and the federal reserve. Inflation means nothing to her.

    She just complains that she cant find a second job and that gas is so expensive.

    But when i tell her why its important to study politics she sais most people dont have time for that they are too buisy surviving.

    I hate thay argument. But its very hard to convince her (everyone)

    Lets face it most people just want to live their lives. We are getting poorer and poorer but people have a bad habbit of waiting until a problem really bad before even thinking about fixing it
  10. I think we're programmed to be that way. We're brainwashed from day one to not give a shit, and when we do care, most of us can't actually figure out the true problem. The television is used to keep us in a trance and anybody who thinks outside of that tv box (aka conspiracy theorists) are portrayed as nuts and psychos.

    Did you hear, now a teacher might be getting fired for praying during the tornados? Religious or not (I'm not religious personally, but that's my choice) you have to agree that we live in a fucked up country when somebody is being persecuted for praying in a time of crisis. Separation of church and state means that the state cannot interfere with religious beliefs. But they have spun it now, to make people think that they no longer have religious rights.

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