Teacher, leave those kids alone!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wet Horse Lips, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Last night, after I got off of work at 9:30, I was due at a birthday party for one of my friends. Had a halfbag and some Canadian waiting for me, so I was all for it.

    So, after sort of getting lost on the way there (couldn't remember where she moved to), I arrived. Fuckin' house and front lawn was crowded with kids.

    So I mingled out front for a bit, got my halfbag (http://forum.grasscity.com/stash-jar/404398-half-ounce-canadian-bud-pic.html) and then decided I'd head inside.

    I got inside, and what the hell? I see one of my teachers from high school there, chillin' with all the kids. It was kind of awkward, seeing as she knows I'm a big stoner, and the fact that my friend ran up to me yellin' "Mark, heard you got a bag of weed! Let's go roll a doobie!"

    I said that it felt weird with the teacher there, but after a number of drunken reassurances, I smoked some weed. What the hell would she do anyways?

    So yeah, good night overall. Ended up having a bunch of beer and a couple of shots of Bacardi, plus an assload of bong tokes.

    Keep tokin, GC!:smoking:
  2. Yeah it's always weird seeing teachers outside of school. I was at a big ol fucking block party that happens every Halloween where this entire two streets were just filled with a bunch of fucks on drugs and I saw my 10th grade student English teacher there. I was in the 10th grade at the time, I was drunk as shit and smoking weed when she saw me but said it was cool and we talked for a moment. I guess teachers have had a life at some point.
  3. That reminds me of the time I was tokin' in my friend's dorm room, and it's a kinda small campus, and the english teacher (we had the same english class, lucky us) just walked in to deliver some homework that my friend had missed, and he just looked at me, and I'll never forget what he said.
    "That's a sweet smell. Where can I find a dealer who'll sell me that?"
  4. I've never seen my teachers at any parties, but my biology teacher is an obvious stoner and I caught him killin a joint on the way back from lunch one day.
  5. One of the teachers a friend had frequently said he can't wait to spark up some jays after the end of every Friday class haha, college professors are hilarious when they aren't being douche bags.
  6. when I was a senior in HS I had to retake biology cause I slept through it my freshman year. Well me and my friend were looking at 3 or 4 of those plastic beaker things all morphed togethor and it looked like a bong. Well my friend turned to me and said "hey look at that it looks like" and before he said anything my teacher came up from behind and said "its not what you think it is" and then he bought us lunch :hello:
  7. was the teacher hot. u shoud of fucked if so.:smoking:
  8. Teachers are people too. they just act perfect at school like you would your job.
  9. I hope to be one of those cool professors one day. :)
  10. I'm a High School teacher and I guarantee I'm going to party more this summer most of my students. It's already been a pretty awesome summer break for me and it's only been two weeks.
  11. For the record, the teacher was a larger proportioned woman, who happens to be a lesbian.

    Your call. I won't judge.
  12. I did two jello shots with my 7th grade english teacher:hello:

    She then said she was on some "prescribed medication" so she should not do any more than two.
    It was at a huge graduation party a couple years back, and it's a great story.
    Cops came that night, no one got into any trouble. Just had to shut her down.

    But good story man, should have asked her to blaze with ya.

  13. Sorry for the double post, didn't read the thread before hand.:eek:
    But what do you teach, and how long have you been a teacher? Sounds like a teacher I'd like to have ;)
  14. This is my first year actually teaching (I was a long-term sub last year). I teach HS English. I also coach football
  15. lol when I was in school i was in a class for the kids who got into trouble all the time, I got sent there in 8th grade, they tried to take me out of it but I begged them not too because we just dicked around on the internet all day and did a tiny bit of work, and never had homework. My teacher was the shit, we just to go to his house and smoke fat cigars while drinking beer and brandy. even the ocasional joint, it was great.
  16. If I was you I would have offered the teacher a toke.

    But then again, if I were you or you were me, the teacher wouldn't be there as it's illegal for teachers to socialise with students.

    At least, here in Australia it is.

    I remember one time I was stoned outa my mind ordering food at a fish and chip shop. They tell my friend and I they'll be about 15 minutes with our order. We walk down the road about 20m to the grocery store to buy drink when our PE teacher walks out and just stares at us.

    We were like "SHIT! It's Ms. ****" and tried to hide behind our jackets while trying not to stumble everywhere...

    She knew for sure. :smoking:
  17. ...

    dude,did you tell him?
  18. Just remember-- teachers are people too! :metal:

    I'm on my way to an education degree at the moment ;)
    After that I plan on opening my own Speech Pathology center
  19. Good luck with that... I mean that in a sincere (not demeaning/sarcastic) way. :)

    There were a few teachers (about six of them, they all either taught English or history) in my high school that everyone suspected of being partiers, and after I graduated I found out that one of them smoked a joint with a senior on graduation day about four years ago. Plus, this teacher and his other teacher buddy come into my job (I'm a hostess at a bar/restaurant) for the occasional few pints. Once they came in at 6 on a Friday, and they had already been at a different bar for a few hours... even though they didn't get out of school till 3 lol.
  20. Yeah, i remember seeing my 6th grade English teacher partying it up at this blues festival I went to. She was more fucked up than I was, I was so amazed and at that point I deemed her my favorite teacher ever based on the fact that she liked to party AND she got me out of ISS a few times during high school. ;)

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