Teacher caught for having sex with student.

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Last year a teacher at the school I used to go to had the same thing happen. This year a teacher was forced to resign after getting caught with all these videos of young males showering....he was a dude...lol!!!
  2. damn.... i put that in my favorites...wack off to that later....lol jk.....that is funny tho, and if you read some parts of it, it gets REALLY graphic. saying that he was moaning and laughing and he could see _____ moving up and down and could see his bare buttocks, and her legs squeezing...... W.O.W!

    damn she is hot tho....id love to be that kid. he gets to fuck a really hot woman, and he gets money out of it....damn life is prolly good for him. if i were him id prolly shoot myself cuz theres nothing left to live for...........lol
  3. when i read the headline on CNN i was like "aww, this bitch has got to be fugly if she has to fuck 14 year old kids..." then i saw her picture and had to think for a second. All I could come up with was the fact that I'd fuck her...
  4. dude thats so tight! Now that I am in college I want to seduce a TA and get all A's :D
  5. What a pimp!

    I think of all the education that I missed.
    But then my homework was never quite like this.
    Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,
    I?m hot for teacher.
    I got it bad, so bad,
    I?m hot for teacher.

    -Van Halen
  6. i had the hotest teacher she was cheerleader for the norfolk night hawks(our wack ass arena football team)
  7. Ok, I envy this dude...I'd've done her. But how is it possible that she got her full name with photos on the web. Including some of the paperwork. Don't criminals have a right to privacy like the rest?

  8. Same here. My TAs are so damn sexy.
  9. She should'nt go to jail...and that kids a moron for screwing that up.
  10. I second that ^.

  11. nope. you commit a crime, your face and name can be shown anywhere by anyone, unless your under age then they cant.
  12. Wooow that's some serious shit. What about rehabilitation? After anyone's seen ya on the web or so.

    Actually that system reminds me of another one. Some weird place where they show criminals on national tv. What's the place called again? Aaah: China. The last bastion of communism. Going hand in hand with the USA when it comes to dealing with criminals.
  13. well shit if some ex convict rapist moved into my neighbor hood id kinda like to know about it.
    if i got arrested for bud i could care less if they posted my picture all over the fucking world. all you have to do is aask me and ill tell you i smoke, and me being arrested for it is bullshit cuz i know im not wrong the law is.

    just dont do shit youd be embarrassed to admit if you got caught and youll be alright

    but they can take it too far. my uncle is in jail for hitting someone while he was drunk, and drinking and driving is bullshit and you shouldnt do it, and if you do, you should have to pay for it, but they printed his name in the paper like every couple of months about it and stretched it out and made it a bigger deal than it really was.

    i think, if someone has commited a crime, we have the right to know about it and who the person is, but after you tell us what happened once, you dont have to keep bringing it up because people make mistakes and you cant move on from them if all people ever remember you for is that one mistake
  14. You know damn well that kid has big time braggin rights now. And you know what that teacher isnt damn bad looking at all. I have a coworker who is if im not mistaken 28 29 or 30 and his girlfriend is 18. Live in GF that is. That in itself isnt quirky its that he met her two years ago that raises the eyebrows. eh...
  15. I totally agree on this one. But there are grades of being criminal. Think of a single mother who has to steal some food for her kids. I don't think she should be on the web with her name and picture.
    And if I'd get caught for my love of mj and they'd post my name 'n picture, I'd never get a job in a psychiatric hospital again.
  16. I'd hit that. How old is the lady? The article probably says, but yeah, its a few pages of reading...

  17. 23, It's on the front page. ^_^

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