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  1. Blades, I have been recently discovering,
    despite years of knowledge coveting in public schools,
    that my history teachers bent the rules.

    I was never told
    about the search for rubber
    in which barons smothered wild peoples.

    I haven't the slightest idea
    about past and present wars
    in India/Russia/Ecuador.

    Teach me some important global facts.
    I feel this is vital information my mind lacks.
    Assist a comrade; lend a hand.
    Help me to be a wiser man.
  2. Humans like war
  3. Egyptian mystics knew things that science just recently discovered.

    The bible has elements of other schools of spirituality/thought yet fails to acknowledge them or give them any credit.

    Jesus used guns to conquer the romans (jk thats from famguy)

  4. Think this is an evolutionary trait?
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    No. Monkeys fight each other. And we, we are monkeys. :devious:

    Edit: Wow.
  6. Canada has the largest supply of fresh water in the world, and it will become the most valuable resource on the planet as the populations rise.

    Canada also has the largest supply of fossil fuels in the world, aside from Saudi Arabia, but with better exploration technology, the oil fields in Canada are growing fast.
  7. Well, first there were magically only two people, who, over the course of thousands of years, destroyed the earth.

    Well played
  8. The India Pakistan split thing in 1947 where a bunch of Indians moved somewhere is the largest migration of a people ever I'm pretty sure.
  9. columbus didnt discover america.
  10. Buds, I wanna know about what's been going on in the rest of the world. What has Russia been up to?

    You know what's sick? I don't know much at all about the Soviet Union. Or Watergate.

    I know a lot of science, but little world history. Expand my knowledge.
  11. Probably. We do things that work in our own self-interest, and we have a natural instinct to survive. Our ancestors were more predisposed to use violence to survive, therefore passing along the genes.
  12. We are genetic mutations made by the Anunnaki.

  13. my teacher was always baked during my world history class and so was i so i didnt retain a lot of that knowledge but still got an A, lol i guess he takes care of fellow stoners

  14. "ignorance allied with power is the most fearsome enemy justice can have"

    we're naturally violent to some degree, but now we have sophisticated politics.
  15. Lol dude theres something called wikipedia check it out. I've wrote 20 pages on the russian revolution before and that still didnt cover it all...you really want people to regale all that info?
  16. dude I love the Ancient Aliens show, but that fucking guy and his hair takes away a lot of the credibility from anything he says, no matter how legitimate lol
  17. The Roswell "alien crash" was in fact a Soviet Spy Plane (Guess they got a 3 killstreak). Area 51 was built afterwards as a spy base and weapons testing facility.
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    The modern nation-state was created in 1848 with the revolutions of Europe.
    Or it may have started with the dissolution of the Roman Empire
    Or those could have happened at the same time so it is 1848.

    Fuckkk I'm to high to remember exactly.

  20. The watergate scandal was when Nixon ordered a cover up of the break in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters during the 70's. This resulted in Nixon resigning from his presidency, being the first and only one to do so as a US President.

    Definately read up on the Soviet Union because they are really interesting. Theres so much there, and history, dthat I'd rather you read it for yourself. It's worth it trust me.

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