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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ClassySmoker, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if perhaps anyone had a good weed-tea recipe? I know THC isn't very soluble in water, but I figure a tea that has more of a fatty milk base, like Chai, would work wonderfully. So if anyone has a recipe and wants to help a guy out :)
  2. Well, I decided to just improvise..
    I decarbed some of my meds in the oven, and now I'm going to heat some heavy cream up on my stovetop.. Added some honey and lemon-balm leaves, and the medication. Gonna pour it over a black-tea bag into a fancy little cup and report back later with results.
    My Weed Chai Tea Recipe | poortaste
    ^What I used as the base of my slightly different recipe..

  3. There's several basic recipes for ganja tea throughout the forum and in BKS's thread. You're doing it right for a cup of brew using pot instead of an oil or tincture. Let your weed steep in the cream as long as you can, 15-30 minutes. If it gets too cool, just heat it back up. The more fat in your milk or cream, the better the thc will extract. Using the method you are provides a really deep, all over relaxation that I find very nice in the evening. When you're finished with the steep, just rinse the herb ball and put it in the freezer to add with your next cup. I use about a tablespoon of good trim or a small bud and if you decarbed it, you'll get an even better response. A lot of the blades on GC will give you grief for making your tea like this because they consider it inefficient. Most aren't experienced enough to realize that there are subtle differences in the buzz received from different methods and that some folks can tell the difference and may prefer the effects of one method over another at particular times. For example, if I were to have some English Breakfast Blend in the morning, I would use some coconut oil or a tincture in it to ensure a long and productive buzz for several hours, but at night when I want to relax before bed and wind down, I'll steep a little weed in a tea or high-fat milk or cream. That recipe you used should work just fine.:)
  4. I have never heard of this 'subtle difference' in buzz between coconut oil and butter recipes, which is essentially what you are comparing due to tea being a watered down cannabutter recipe.

    I cannot say this is false. If true though, I think it has more to do with the individual recipes and activation of thc, rather than the fact that you are absorbing different oils. It is the differing thc/cbn ratios between the recipes, caused by different rates of decarboxylation/degradation . If you have each recipe (coconut oil, tea) dialed down to a specific time/heating, whatever difference in ratios there is between the recipes will be repeated every time.

    finally, I think the relaxing nighttime high you described for the tea is evidence of my previous assumption. I believe that the 'inefficiency' of the tea combined with a higher proportion of cbn gives the sedative, yet less powerful high.

    I have no doubt that you are very experienced, and am open to other explanations

  5. No, no, you misunderstand. I am not talking about subtle differences between oils and butters. My goal with either is blitzkrieg. Plus, I don't know what you're talking about when you say the tea recipe that we're referencing here is a watered down butter. Read it again. No, I was talking about the differences between using plant material for your tea and using an oil, such as coconut oil as I do, or canna butter if that's your thing. Not a lot of inexperienced people can discern the difference between a full bodied oil buzz and a cbd/cbn dominant, relaxing beverage. Each has it's place, unless you can't tell the difference, then I can understand why full bore is the only pace you can relate to. Let me try to get it across-again. I am not saying that a tea made with this method is going to be an ass-kicking, mind bending experience and is better or even the equivalent of a good coconut oil or even butter. But everything in it's place. I start my day off with a small amount of concentrated coconut oil in my coffee. I get off like a mad dog and it lasts mind and body for several hours. It completely influences everything I feel and think. Well, along about bedtime I don't necessarily want my mind racing all over the cosmos. I want a soothing, relaxing way to end the day. For that I want to use this method for a spot of tea or warm milk. Why is this so hard to understand? You can scoff all you want about the subtle differences and the appreciation of each for their own values. I feel sorry for you. Maybe with time and an open mind. But what do I know? That's just my two cents worth and, besides, I can't tell the difference between wines.
  6. ok so you make tea the right way, lipid first, then add to water. That is only relevant to the efficiency debate. The question I am asking remains the same. How and why are the highs different?

    I offered my best explanation.

    You've already figured me as an egotistical jerk who thinks his methods are above yours. Lol I am not that guy, tried to get that off in my last sentence:smoke:

    I put 'inefficient' in subtitles and left it at that, the whole efficiency discussion was handled in another thread. I simply used it to explain the less powerful high you talk about from the tea.

    Which leads me to my last question: Is it an actual difference in the high itself? Or a difference in the scale of the high? You say "there are subtle differences in the buzz received from different methods", but have not elaborated much beyond that. What I gather from your posts is that milk-based fats seem to be less powerful, and more sedative than coconut oil based edibles.

  7. No, I don't consider you an egotistical jerk. It's just a matter of communications and I don't seem to do it very well. But to answer your question about the "subtleties". Yes, it actually is a a difference in the high itself and not just the intensity of the high. For just a tablespoon of trim or a small bud, the efficiency of the method is comparable to other single serving size edible recipes. That's less than a gram per serving. It is actually a difference in the type of buzz, similar to differences in strains but on a more primal level. You definitely are on the right track when you mention cbn/cbd. It's not that I think that lipid based is less potent than coconut oil, although I admit to a prejudice similar to BadKat's:). No, this is a matter of time. Even using butterfat or heavy cream, enough thc can't be extracted to cause more than mental relaxation, which is what I want at that time. I believe that terpenes may play a role along with the 'noids in causing the all around muscle relaxing effects. I have been able to discern the "subtle" differences for quite some time but didn't know the scientific reasons for it if it wasn't my imagination. I've recently been researching the critical role that terpenes play in the all around sensations produced by particular strains. Don't take my word for it, though. Some evening after a long day try it yourself. Don't make it an event, just a cuppa tea at the end of the day. Take a bit of trim, or a little bud, a dollar's worth maybe, and try it. If you don't like tea, warm whole milk or cream works the same way, but either way, just clear your mind and don't ingest or smoke anything for a while after and just see if it works for you and just roll the sensations over the receptors in your brain and compare it. If you're still not a believer, then se la vi. Everybody I've introduced it to have loved it. Go figure.

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