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Discussion in 'Politics' started by prez420, May 25, 2010.

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    I was talkin with this liberal in another thread and he got my Tea Party blood flowing so I thought I would share this video with u guys. Freedom and Liberty for all !! enjoy

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bim8ZNdYbq4]YouTube - American Tea Party Anthem III Revised[/ame]
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTQyiyKKEJI]YouTube - LaForge: Woo-wee![/ame]
  3. Lloyd Marcus, I wonder if a song sung and written by a hopelessly confused man really promotes the ideals of the Tea Party? What you guys think?
  4. and why is he confused ? cuz he loves freedom and liberty ? or is it another reason ?
  5. Well, I think this post answered my question..

  6. You called him "a hopelessly confused man" I want you to explain why you would say he is hopelessly confused.

  7. I see ure not going to answer. :mad:

    How awesome of you /endsarcasm
  8. Seriously, that communist imagery just shows how retarded Tea Baggers are if they actually think that Obama is anywhere NEAR a communist (let alone a legit socialist, which he isn't if any of you have actually read about socialism and then looked at his policies).

  9. Dude learn how to spell. All your posts are really ugly to look at. Punctuation isn't that hard, nor proper spelling...eh, for a Tea Bagger, maybe.
  10. Your hateful posts are far worse to look at than someones internet short-hand. Why don't you go torture some animals or something.
  11. I tried to find something on this guy to see what he could be considered confused about, found this...


  12. Cause I'm a tree-humping liberal silly! :p

    And if you have seen any of this dudes posts you'd realize how much hate is in 'em.
  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Eib2di9bq4]YouTube - White NBC Reporter Confronts Black Man at Tea Party Rally: 'Have You Ever Felt Uncomfortable?'[/ame]

    They're so engulfed in their own bullshit that they start to believe it. The real racist and the only hate I've seen come from the left/Democrat party and their media.
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    If you are referring to me. I would like you to point one single hateful thing I have said. (Side Note: I didn't use any internet short-hand did that make you happy?)

    @aaronman Yeah that is the only thing I could find myself. That's why I wanted that guy judgement to answer because I have a feeling what his answer would be and just wanted him to state it to the world.

    We are all Americans skin color doesn't matter one bit even thought liberals like to divide us into different groups. I myself have cuban blood does that mean I am cuban-american nope I am just a American I love this country and I love my fellow Americans as if they are my brothers and sisters I don't see anything wrong with that.
  15. Fuck yeah man. Were all Americans. I don't see the point of saying I'm a Irish-German-English-Italian American. Who fucking cares that just HIGHLIGHTS our racial differences which don't matter in the slightest. I'm an American.

    Celebrate cultural heritages though. You smoke dem cuban cigars and I'll eat my rizzoto with saurkraut while I wash it down with tea and then I'll drink a genuis afterwords!:D


  16. I feel the same way yeah we should be proud of our heritage(s) but we are all Americans and we should love our country. Hey give me some of your rizzoto u can have one my cigars and a shot of my rum cuz I just puffed some dank and have mean case of the munchies :D
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    how adorable, just saw you chased mi cross thread? Sorry if your lil internet forum post that I by all means was done with after my question was answered wasn't at the forefront of I mind. I'm a single father of 3, one of them been home puking since 12 on Tuesday, got a few friends down in Spanish town, one that had been in Tivoli but opted to relocate this weekend past and I don't feel right till I hear from them each day and then again not till the next day.. So you can see how some silly little forum post that really had no point to it was the furthest thing from I mind kid..

    First off the usual disclaimer: I am not part of this little polarized world of conservative vs liberal.

    Anyways. Why is he a hopelessly confused man? This is by far the shortest, simplest and easiest to understand with limited intellectual ability answer that I can manage. Coming up in d Ghetto, seeing the plight of his people around him, the best he could do was self hatred, hatred of his own people and even his family, to blame liberals and decide that conservatism was the answer rather than working to effect a change in the community in which he came up out of he decided to become a pet to the Tea Party Movement, which ironically is neither a movement, or a political party.

    edit:: don't get it twisted either, no hate for the man, nor do I dislike him, he upsets mi.
  18. Um, maybe conservatism is the answer? :eek: Or no, this guy's just a sell out Uncle Tom because he doesn't stay in the ghetto and look to the state for handouts...

    What has big government done for d Ghetto lately, besides disproportionately incriminating everyone and raising the price of goods faster than your wages?
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    Who ever said anything about looking for handouts? Who said anything about big government?

    edit: Really confuses me how "working to effect a change in the community" can be misconstrued as support for big government and welfare..
  20. to blame liberals and decide that conservatism was the answer

    Liberals promise things like increased lending to high-risk low income areas, when in reality this sets them up for a future disaster. It's tempting to vote for these handouts.

    If someone's blaming liberals they're blaming big government. Conservatism would return the power to the community. A nanny state is in competition with the local community.

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