Tea Party gets anonymous $1,000,000 donation

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NoHzee, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. What "libertarian party candidate" do you know of? Who exactly would they donate to?

    You're implying the tea parties are some fringe group and not libertarians. You're basing this on smears from the MSM.
  2. Bob Barr was the candidate last year.. if i remember correctly.
    i donno man.. if i were a self proclaimed "long time libertarian" (as stated in that long ass post) and had a million to throw at a party.. it would be the libertarian party.
  3. You dont even know thats who donated the money.
  4. i understand that.. i was simply commenting on the post that speculated that it was him.
    I seriously doubt it was him because he's a Libertarian (according to the article).

  5. Lots of libertarians support the tea parties. The tea party is probably best described as libertarian in nature.
  6. AW asks a question, suggesting that libertarians wouldn't support the Tea Party.

    Dronetek (probably just got done watching MSNBC and is pissed) rams assumptions down AW's throat.

    AW responds to Dronetek's uncalled for response..

    and asks another simple question.

    Dronetek either misreads, or attempts to strawman AW, and further implies that AW is a left winger.

    Dronetek finally responds to one of AW's questions.

    AW finally addresses Dronetek's baseless assumptions.

    AW restates his original question, and clarifies.

    AW (in the same post) continues to address Droneteks misrepresentation of his posts.

    Dronetek comes in with.. yet again.. a straw man. AW said "libertarian party" not "libertarian party candidate".

    He then further implies that AW is somehow mind controlled by the 'MSM'.

    AW responds to Dronetek's trolling (unknowingly).

    Dronetek no longer has any base to run with once AW clarified and made it impossible for Dronetek to straw man any longer, and makes a true statement.

    AW clarifies his original post once again, and then gives his opinion on the probability of Koch donating the million to the Tea Party.

    Dronetek states his opinion on an aspect of the Tea Party.

    There, is it all cleared up? DT was, basically trolling you, AW, and I'm not sure you realized it.
  7. [​IMG]

    I was just trying to figure out where he got the idea a libertarian shouldn't or wouldn't donate to the tea party.
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    Read below

    He clarified, and you responded with

    While AW may be misinformed about the Tea Party and its purpose, he is not implying that the Tea Party is somehow inferior to other groups, and he is definitely not basing his opinion of the Tea Party on 'smears from the MSM'.

    I don't mean any disrespect Drone, but this parable reminds me of you. (The professor)

  9. i thought i was trolling him :(

    i fail.. :p
  10. i could get on board with the TEA party a little more if they weren't so strongly represented with religious whack-jobbery. WHY, WHY, WHY do american politicians have to put religion in everything......except schools:p
  11. Koch would have given the $1,000,000 to the Tea Party Express, not the Tea Party Patriots.

    Tea Party Express is a GOP front.

    And that New Yorker article is a senseless conspiracy theory trying to discredit the grassroots vibe that is the tea party. Go to a liberal site and they'll be like, "You don't even know what you're protesting, you're just a Koch puppet!"
  12. Koch is as libertarian as Nancy Pelosi.
  13. I deleted my op. Thanks for the info.
  14. I wish the tea party would stay Libertarian in roots but now it seems to be moving towards Neo-Con values

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