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Tea in spliff instead of tobacco?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The innovator, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Idk about you guys but I love the act of smoking a joint. I want to roll a nice fatty that will last a while but I don't want to use a gram of my dank just for a joint. I absolutely refuse to put tobacco in a spliff so what about putting some green tea in it as a substitute? I love drinking green tea and I like the smell and it's a plant just like weed so good idea?
  2. Whats wrong with smoking your weed in a joint? You'll fulfil your joint rolling and smoking lust and you'll get high
  3. go ahead a try it, i know some people that smoke tea joints, its supposed to be relaxing. i used to do it before i started smoking weed. only did it like 4 times though.
  4. Yes, but I want to smoke a lot. Like the actually act of smoking, playing with the smoke etc. If i roll up a gram it'll just be a waste. For me after awhile of smoking in a session I just plateau in highness.
  5. No! it'll give you a headache
  6. I vote for Greengo tobacco alternative. I've tried chamomille tea but its not as nice honestly... Google what I just said and check it out. It's fairly ''new'' but its almost tasteless when combined with even the smallest amount of ganja... Has low tar and is made out of 4 natural dried herbs. I use it atm to make hash joints.
  7. Worth a try. :smoke:
  8. Well since I'm getting such mixed answers I'll give it a shot probably 2/3 bud, 1/3 tea and I'll report back to you guys
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    fuck tea man, you might as well grind your bud up real nicely and really small. its kinda hard if its suyper sticky dank but itll be worth it in the end--purees are the best trust me.

    sorryu bout ma typing but im super high out here hhaaha!!!

    edit: i read the above posts. maye u wanna try 'light' tobacco? itd meant to be easy to go down.
    there must be some sort of plant-based smoking flavor thats made to enhance tobacco out there that you could try but i dna i might just be stoned typing this crappppp lolol
  10. Lmao high times out there man :p . The thing is I'm not just talking about just getting high, but I enjoy the act of smoking and just want to smoke something harmless other than tobacco in my joint. The only reason I'm talking about tea is because it's cheap, natural and easily available.
  11. While in Amsterdam I asked about the smoking substitute most coffee shops have available as theyre not supposed to allow people to smoke tobacco indoors. Apparently its rasberry leaves i.e. leaves from a rasberry plant - this is something you could potentially grow yourself and dry out or perhaps even use blackberry leaves from wild blackberry plants (dont know if theyll be as good). The stuff does seem to work and there must be a reason for choosing them, its relatively tasteless and burns nicely in a joint when dried. May be a viable option?

  12. haha yeah u should go ahead and try it since it wont hurt to try... if you like it then you can continue dooing it
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    [​IMG]hello and welcome
  14. huh? is that a prompt?

  15. I checked them out online from this herbal website and I might just pick some up. It's like $10 for 28 grams of it! Thanks for the suggestion man :)
  16. If it was good enough back in the ancient times to smoke and now to smoke (apparently the Chinese and stuff still do it)
  17. I have made my own blend after a couple of years experimenting.  My aim was to create a suitable tobacco alternative, which would compliment any type of cannabis including hash and buds.  I studied online and found an American study of smoking mixtures: http://www.botanical...ism/smoking.php  I then ordered samples of a variety of smoking herbs. 

    I managed to give up tobacco fairly quickly but just could not find the right blend combination straight away, I shared a blend with fellow tokers and received encouraging feedback that it was better than anything on the market, like greengo or honeyrose mentioned above.  It burns well and consistent for a pleasurable smoking spliff.  So I stuck with this combination for a few months. 

    I was still not completely satisfied overall with the taste and smell.  Then I cracked it earlier this year, I have managed to infuse the leaves with fruit and floral extracts giving a subtle combination of flavours and aromas to compliment my cannabis buds that I grow myself, or could be smoked with hash alone.  I looked at how pipe smokers flavour their tobacco and applied it to my herbal alternatives. 

    The result is a smooth smoking herbal blend with subtle tones of berry, vanilla and a cooling refreshing sensation of mint when inhaled.  It reminds me a little bit of shisha pipe tobacco from the flavours and aroma, but this has been specially created to be mixed with cannabis in a roll-up that will burn consistently and can be enjoyed with every type of cannabis. 

    I am aiming to market my blend in Coffeeshops in Amsterdam due to the tobacco ban.  However, I can certainly make it available online in the UK to enthusiasts who have been experimenting in this area, I can supply free samples and can certainly make it available for purchase.  Any further questions or queries? please respond to my post and I will be glad to make contact with you

    From the Green Man.
  18. I've been looking for something good to add to my joints. I've tried lemon balm and dried raspberry leaves and they were okay but I'd love something smother and tastier
  19. This sounds perfect, especially if it enhances cannabis effects. I'm interested 
  20. Smoking tea is a bad idea. Just smoke smaller joints

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