TDS and PH meters

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  1. I picked up both yesterday and man am i glad!:D
    I was real close on the 3 5gal BB's i had going,i had the PH good and the nutes were just a little heavy.:rolleyes:
    I redid the 3 and set them at around 900ppm and 6.3PH.
    Then i made some nute mix for my soil less plants and checked it,man it was way off:eek:.Before adjusting the PH it was 3500ppm:eek:.
    I always mixed as per the FF guide,but from now on i mix at 1/4 of what they say.I add each nute one at a time and check after each addition,then adjust from that.I let it sit for a while and check every thing.
    Now i know why some of my girls just up and died over night after watering:eek:.Way too much nutes!
  2. If you dont mind me asking, which meters did you go with?
  3. The PH meter is Hanna HI98106,It was $79,95:eek: double what i found it to be on line:mad:.
    The TDS is a HM Digital is was $49.95
  4. What is a TDS meter and what do you do with it?
    Sorry, I just haven't heard of one before.

  5. Never mind. Checked it out, ordered both!



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