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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by medatitus, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Whats up guys!
    So I've been smoking for the last few months. Recently I went on a bend where I smoked every night for a couple weeks.
    For me though I ended up getting really foggy in the head and not able to think straight or articulate my emotions (which is pretty important currently going through a rough patch)
    I was just wondering what you guys experience as daily smokers? 
    Are you highly intellectual and able to keep your thought abilities?
    Are you able to articulate your thoughts?
    Does your head get foggy?
    And for some of you that dont smoke every day: how often do you smoke and why?
    Thanks y'all. Shakah.

  2. sometimes when i get super high the next day ill feel out of it and buzzed/disoriented. where it takes several seconds longer to think of stuff forget why i did this or that etc
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    Maybe it's the your body's way of telling you to quit being a little bitch.
    jk, I've been there and it doesn't last long, your body is just acting weird because you've never felt SO GOOD before
    Smoke up!  :hippie: 
    so youre speaking from experience? You had a foggy head and after continuing to smoke every day your body adjusted?
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    usually theres a point to where your body thinks its had enough and you dont want to smoke anymore. thats when I usually stop,
    If I feel too raw from smoking too much at one time, I let my self sober up for a day or two until I smoke again.
    In other words yes, you might feel foggy, it's normal, especially for new tokers like you and me, if you feel foggy, just stop smoking until you sober up, then you're good as new.
    Weed doesn't do anything to your brain, if anything, it makes your personality better because you become happier.

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