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Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Nov 9, 2001.

  1. someone has my name tazz11 here ,i tryed to come here and reg befor it mit be my own reg from thin!!so here i am the rainman!but i am lost !i seen some friends name but this is to much for me !if your from yahooka let me know!to the members here on crasscity iam 3/4 blind and on heavy meds this is realy herd for me to come here ! i am artistic audistic with brain damge and a iq of 107 but this is off track to me !let me know if this is a bad idea and ill leave!
  2. Hi Tazz, welcome to Grasscity.I am sure if you stick around for a while you will like it here.Your old friends from yahooka are here and I bet some new ones too.Have fun, Stash
  3. Tazz, good to "see" you here. There are many old friends from yahooka that are now grasscity "blades". There is no deception, fighting, bickering at this sight nor is it tolerated. Kinda lika a grassy utopia.
  4. HEY BUD....glad to see you made it over..that sucks someone has your name.....not to worry.....we know who you are.....and yes many friends are here.....My IQ lately is 6 ,,,since thats all that came up out of 10 nl#5 seeds.....lol
  5. yes! it great to see you all! between 12:30and 4:34 there was only two post maid on yahooka the last post by jgpr was a mad atemp to ask what happened!posted in the q&a forum the only other post was at 1:59 it read (latest news from nimbin) posted by charbono it had one reply and was posted in activism& politics! i think if it was a wacker he fucked up the search eng is still working and i havent found a way to open that post yet but i am going to !did anyone here read that post and if you did do you remember any key words used in it!if he can hack in i can !and if his post was the starting point it may give us a place to start!all other intrees are replys!i know and trust jgpr ,i couldnt find a in tro for this charbono!norecord at all !but as you know i am tazz11 and if it is him he cant hide !ill be at yahooka digging for facts and a trail!ive been there for 3 hrs stright and it looks like it going to be a long night.i cant say it is him but it look out of place and the only unopen post or reply is in growing forun and cant be opened as of yet!as for the yahookan that said he would give money to find the hacker if it its one !keep your money this one is for yahooka!i have started a writen log book and i am playing yahooka backwards like a tape !i have opened most of the sites last post and i well keep going till i open it all, if it can be!navy seal dont quit!!good luck tazz11 the yahooka rainman!
  6. Hello tazz11 ,

    Welcome to Grasscity . Only good witches here ! :)

  7. thanks critter that leeds me to only one conclution that it is a sever failure!i trust your wisdom critter and like i said i have opened most of the post on yahooka that were maid that night!and i realy dont think its a hacker at all, what would he have got out of it!it looks like the site was slowing down over a long time and just couldnt take it any more!what makes me think that is the grow forum is stuck and i cant get in!wisdom would make me beleave its a fucked out server!i hope if anything we get a new one and this site will be on my favorites tell i throw it threw another window!ive got to hope yahooka comes back but i am wise and know there are good friends here to talk to!good luck tazz11 the rainman!
  8. i think i hear a party callin my name !thanks guys!
  9. yes! tazz11 i know what you mean its just not home !its nice with nice people but i know what your thinking it not yahooka!i read your letter to lunaria and that was as real as it gets !yahooka fades away with its rainman !good luck tazz11! the yahooka rainman!by all...
  10. Before I read the letter...I had pretty much thought the server finally crashed.....like tazz11(rainman)said growing the good herb absolutly stunk trying to get in.....
  11. El Gordo from Yahooka here.
  12. whats up dude !glad to see ya! were trying to think but it a slow job when were stoned!
  13. what letter man? i missed it lets hear about the letter?what did it say! was it about a drunking orgy and someone knocked the server over fucking around when they were stoned or what??????tazz11
  14. or was it bin ladin! that fucker, i knew it! he had to hit us were it realy hert, in are stoner discussion gropes that fucker is smarter than we thaught!or did lunaria knock over the laundary soap!
  15. it could have been the govrment! this all could be some test by them fuckers too!get a much of stoners in one place and set them free and let the maze do the rest!the only thing they didnt count on was we were all to stoned to go very far! lol! tazz11

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