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  1. Why do you consider yourself a witch??? Are you a follower of Wiccan theology. As much reverance that I have for the full Moon, the sunrise each day, and karma, my religous views are probably not christian anymore but something probably more naturalistic.
  2. chrstian isent what it used to be ither...
  3. Allthough I cant say That I totally conform to any one organized religion. Buddhism in a form isnt to bad for me. =)

  4. i believe the most basic, general, fundamental thing in spirituality.....just give thanks to that one undescribable entity that you feel in your heart, for doing whatever it does..
  5. ^^^amen brother

    to many people have fed to many of there own ideas
    into religin

    all that realy matters in what is in your hart
  6. ^^^^ hippies!

    no i kid i kid. Its all about just understanding the universe on your own terms and not relying on a doctrine to give you answers and control your life. Organized religion is for people who need to be told what to think. iconoclastic thinking forever!
  7. In my my opinion, as long as someone's personal beliefs helps to comfort them and promote inner peace........that's all that matters. Even though alot of the wiccan beliefs do make alot of sense and helps one to appreciate all the aspects of the universe.
  8. if you take a peice from this religin and a peice from that one
    untill you had all the good parts from each

    you could go to kfc and order extra biskets ...

    and get pot insted!
  9. but it would be over priced because its from Junea ;). You dont got it too bad though, dingus. They pay 25 bucks a gram in Nome....
  10. its 20 -30 a gram here brother
    and 125 a 1/4
    talk about over priced huh?
  11. My religeon is one of the earth. What I mean is.. the earth feeds me and brings me the happiest moments of my life. If I was asked what I "worship" it wouldn't be a god or deity. It would be mountains, trees, water, energy etc.
  12. i could probably wrustle up like 100 different labels for myself, but whats the point? any organised religions are horrible shit.. create your own beliefs based on your personal philosophy and life experiences, instead of following any one neatly classifiable 'religion'..
  13. wow norm, I totally agree with you on that! but Ive been reading here and there about the wiccan religion. and I agree with a lot of its views, but I dont not care for the apsects of witch and witchcraft beliefs. The symbol of the circled star intriges me...It represents the four elements: earth, air, fire, water, and the fifth element of spirit. I dont know enough (yet) about the religion. but I do find it interesting. the witchcraft and witch beliefs though, well like I said do not care for that part....
  14. my ex was wiccan, or into that stuff for a while..but shes fucking crazy anyway...so...to each his own

    ps, im fucking crazy too
  15. its ok we're all crasy!

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