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Taxing drug dealers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 18, 2004.


    New Illegal Drug Tax Would Help Fight Crime
    Posted: 6/17/2004 6:02:00 PM
    Updated: 6/17/2004 6:22:16 PM

    Illegal drug dealers in Tennessee will now have to pay a state tax on their unlawful goods.

    The drug tax would be levied after the dealer or user is caught.

    Drug dealers can pay the taxes without getting busted. Metro's vice squad confiscated 26 million dollars of cocaine last year. None of it could be taxed.

    But under a new law, the state plans to make drug dealers pay. And it will give those drug dealers a way to pay before they even get busted.

    Loren Chumley, Revenue Commissioner says, "It's a way for us to get the fruits of the crime to pay to fight the crime."

    The taxation of unauthorized substances - known on the streets as the crack tax, will cost the state at least a million dollars to put in place. It is modeled after a 1999 North Carolina law that has netted that state six million dollars so far.

    Here in Tennessee - it is expected to generate at least four million dollars a year. The money will help undercover drug agents who, for security reasons, could not go on camera.

    Gary Fletcher, with the metro police department, says, "that's the way you get to the mid-level and upper level drug dealers. You try to penetrate the drug organization itself. That's how you do it by spending more money identifying the main sources of the organizations."

    The law goes into effect on January 1st. 75 percent of the revenues will go directly to drug enforcement. The remaining money will go into the general fund.

    If a drug dealer has proof they paid the tax it would not lessen the charge. The tax and the crime are separate. A person would still face the drug charge.

    The system will take confidentiality into consideration. A drug user would be able to walk into the state office building and pay the taxes on their drugs - without being arrested.

    Chumley says, "This is no way, shape or form or fashion showing any sort of tolerance for illegal drugs - it was really just a way for them to be charged for the problems they cause to society

  2. wow..they have to have some way they think they will tax ppl..the government is stupid but not idiotic. How the fck do they think they will get ppl to pay taxes on what they illegaly sell. AND mayeb if they stopped wasting fking money on the peice of shit war on pot they wouldnt be so ass broke
  3. I call this bull shit....

    After the drug dealer is caught?? If they walk in to pay the tax, they would be caught right there because it would be admitting guilt!!
  4. hahaha, i wonder if anyone will actually try to pay their dealer tax early...

    if you only have to pay it when your caught, why would anyone pay it early on?? i thought the point of dealing was to NOT get caught...

    but then... there are some very dumb people in this world... ill bet they make a couple million in the first year.
  5. What the fuck?!?!

    That's the stupidest god damn thing I've ever heard of in my life. And i once had an hour long conversation with a retarded kid.

  6. They should make it so if you regularly pay taxes on your drugs, then if you get caught the repercussions are lessened.

    But what the fuck. How much more hypocritical can you get. We have a "war" on drugs in progress, and they're taxing it? That makes no effing sense.

    And why do we declare war on everything we dont like. "War on drugs", "war on crime", "war on Iraq". Sounds like "war on the constitution" to me.

  7. running the risk of getting arrested is enough for me. Im not payin you shit.
  8. i could of sworn i read somewhere the gov wasnt allowed to tax something that is illegal? wasnt there a case like in the 70s where they were taxing weed or something like that but the law was thrown out?
  9. How exactly can you tax drugs anyway? "yea let me buy a quarter" "thats 100.00 plus tax... comes out to 107.00 is your total!"

    like Al Capone once said "You can have legal taxes on illegal money" I guess its the same concept as the drugs.
  10. By going in and paying the tax on illegal drugs would mean they would know who you are and can start surveiling you to catch your hook up as well as who you sell too.... Another way yo make big bust IMO..

  11. No drug dealer is ever going to do that.... ever.
  12. They need to tax the federal government on the money they confinscate from drug dealers they catch.. That would help the state..

    I would guess that the feds get all the money when a bust is made where money is involved..
  13. Ok...I am going to my local court house and paying my fucking taxes on Monday so I don't get in trouble.

    "But under a new law, the state plans to make drug dealers pay. And it will give those drug dealers a way to pay before they even get busted."

    Uh, yeah.....I'll turn over my cash to you so you can cuff me. What the fuck? We aren't stupid. HELLLLLOOOO!!! Stoners can be classified as a very intelligent group of people. We're not going to walk in pull some stupid shit like calling ourselves out.


    This is too much:

    "The system will take confidentiality into consideration. A drug user would be able to walk into the state office building and pay the taxes on their drugs - without being arrested."

    This is probably true....that way they can set up their million dollar stakeout.


    If I hear of any of my fellow Tennesseans going in and paying their weed taxes, I'm moving.

    "Hello, I'm a dumbass and I'm here to pay my weed taxes for the year."

  14. Well I've never had an hour long conversation with you before.
  15. I dont understand. I think even the government is believing the stereotypes they created. They think stoners will walk in HIGH and fucking be like hey man heres money for my weed. That piss's me off because it insults drug users intelligence. I am soon moving to Canada :)
  16. HIGH All, *LOL* so phucking funny *LOL*....your Government isn't too bright eh my Southern Neighbours.

    I just wonder How many will do this *LOL*

  17. We can only hope that none of them will, Unoit. BUT.....some people aren't very bright and they just might be dumb enough to do this.
  18. its smart on their part. you know all the sheep who listen to the government. the idiot who smokes but believes that weed dropped the baby in the pool. there has to be a bunch of idiots who think "they said they wont arrest us, the government doesnt lie" and go in and pay. perhaps its a good thing, it will smarten some people the fuck up about the government and lies.

    on the other hand its stupid because they money they make will be insignificant to the money they waste because its going to be morons paying small taxes ont he dime bag they just bought, and not the smart dealer who just imported a couple kilos of coke in over you head while you were trying to busted the stupid ass teenager smoking aj oint.
  19.'re joking right?
  20. that my friends is fun fun funny

    and now to think it, alll the time on the clock money.. pulic money, taxpayer money that went into funding the group of idiots that made up this idea,...

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