taxi ride of my life

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MEsmokeYOUup, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. after a night on the town with my buddies i decided it was tiem to crash. we had smoked 1/2 o between the 3 of us then we started drinking. i drank over 1/2 the 40 ounser we had bought so i was very drunk and very high. i called a cab and it seeemded like it took an hour for the fucker to show up. then i realized he was on the otherside of the building. so i went and got into the cab and sat quietly. looking out the window, then i turned to the caby and asked him "how much is this gonna cost?" he replied "4 dollars". after a few minutes i turned to him and asked him again "how much is this costing me?" he replied again 4 dollars. after another minute or so i asked him "so this gonna cost how much?". and he gave the same answer again. sudden;y he slammed on the brakes, someone had ran in front of him. my pipe which was inside my jacket pocket fell out cause of the hole in it. he looked down then laughed. i picked up the pipe and asked him how much the ride was. he said "Free if u smoke some dope with me. i handed him the pipe and pulled out a nice fatt sack from my pocket and packeted it up. we smoke it all sitting in the middle of the road, then he started the car again and i turned to him and said "how much is this cab costing me?". he just laughed his ass off. when we finally got to my friends place i looked at him and said "How much is this ?" he laughed hardered then before and said "its free buddy, good toking with ya". i looked at him the said "What a fucking ripp off" then through him a 20 dollar bill and got outta the car. half way up the stairs it all suddenly clicked and i was ooo fuck. then i contiued to laugh untill i fell alseep. i felt like such a prick but i didn't even realize what had happened untill i laid down. then the next week i went out again and called the same cab, sure enough the same guy picked me up. i got in the car and we both laughed our asses off recalling the last weeks happenings. and from that night on he'll give me a free ride anywhere i wanna go. what a sweet deal from being a drunken prick LMFAO
  2. That's a crazy time!! I've smoked with a cabbie once, damn guy got so fried he couldn't find the right street for shit!! But he still tried to charge me. :(

    Edit: Some mod bump this to the Real Life Stories forum please. Thanks. :)
  3. Damn it just changed from General to Real Life Stories. Hmm, am I too stoned........?
  4. God damn.. half a 40 and you asked him how much that many times.. and gave him $20 after he said it's free :shakes his head in disbelief: I just can't see it. Gotten drunk a lot but never gotten stupid from it.. But hey cool if you came out with a friend.
  5. lol thats tight! haha thats a good story..

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