Tax you by the mile!

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  2. A quarter cent per mile seems cheap. That means if you drive 1,000 miles, you owe $2.50 (someone check my math). I'm not sure how that measures up to the gas tax though. Regardless, I don't think I want the gov't to monitor my driving.

  3. Bingo!
  4. I'd like to see some math on how there is any difference between miles driven and the amount of fuel you must purchase to get there. Is this a punishment for those who drive cars that get good gas mileage?

    It sounds like they would be losing money, actually.

    If you have a lease deal, the car dealer is already tracking your mileage, and fining you for driving too much, 10-15 cents per mile, in most lease packages, for every mile you go over the limit. And you are taxed on that penalty.

    I think this is a terrible idea that's going to fail. Thumbs down!
  5. i swear i have no idea where they come up with these ideas
  6. I'm sure that would make the auto industry really happy considering the market volume they'd lose when the non-rich couldn't afford to drive. I think it's more about making money than class warfare.
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    they will do this. there are always multiple reason for shit like gps. it starts out(like everything else) as a military thing. then they give it to us, little by little, first we think its cool, then we all have it and then we all need it, then they turn around and fuck us over with it. and the idea isnt just to replace gas taxes with mileage taxes, its to use both.
  8. wtf like i give a shit about london

    anyway like i was saying, where do they get these ideas?

    (fee to drive into london =/= fee to drive x number of miles)
  9. This is another reason why we should stop building highways. Since the poplution is increasing dramically, We need public tranfertation such as mono-rail, subways, light-rails. In long run, it much cheaper and cheaper to maintain.

    I'm not supporting this bill or whatever they proposing.

  11. Sounds like a good way to boost the black market. I can already picture transponder bypass kits being sold on ebay.

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