Tax the Churches

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  1. I'll bet he was partaking in cannabis for decades without paying taxes on it, so according to his logic, his cannabis was subsidized.

    Him wishing the Supreme Court would take a case of church vs tax is hilariously ignorant. The contract that gives authority to and establishing the Supreme Court is the same contract that forbids congress from enacting laws in relation to churches/religions.

    This is a good example of someone's predisposition clouding their reasoning. Calling for more taxes = increasing government and it's agencies. Yea that's what we need.

    If we tax Sunday school for spreading stupidity, he would have to assume the same liability.
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  2. I should add, although I think there are corrupt people in churches/religions and the religions themselves are corrupted, involving government is NO solution.
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  3. It just won't happen regardless. The church is too strong and there are laws most folk don't realize when it comes to church exemptions.
  4. i dont want churches or any religious institution (church of scientology?) to have a say in my government. so the only way to maintain proper church-state separation as per the first amendment is to give them tax exempt status.
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  5. But then you are saying that churches don't have an impact on current affairs. Is that true?
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  6. I don't have a problem with standard property tax for land owned by churches.

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  7. If only church and state were truly separated.. :(
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  8. No I am not saying that. That would be false. It's bad enough as it is, so why would we just make it worse by entitling them to representation? We should strive for more church-state separation, not less.
  9. We need separation of corporation and state.
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  10. That'll be a tangled web to undo.....
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  11. But isn't it true that all the good the churches do feeding homeless folks and such would get hit hard. helping abused women, helping families down on their luck,

    No matter what you feel about religion one needs to realize most do allot of good things for people. like it or not they help allot of our brothers and sisters that need the help, to judge them all by a few is stooping to a level i refuse to be at.
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  12. No doubt. As much as I dislike the Catholic church/religion, there is no question they do more for people than any other institution of which I am aware.
  13. I'm not religious, but I agree they do good things. With no taxes, what's to stop them from eventually buying every piece of land they can get their hands on, effectively owning America. Unlikely but possible in this system.

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  14. Churches do good things, yes, but more than anyone else? Perhaps, in terms of numbers and statistics. They have history on their side (and money). But there are some great organizations in existence that help others. Greenpeace, UNICEF, Salvation Army, even Planned Parenthood to a degree for women.
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  15. Salvation Army

    " Our Mission

    The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian
    Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission
    is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination."
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  16. I was unaware of that actually. Nevermind.
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  17. Sneaky little do-gooders are everywhere hiding in plain sight
  18. I feel "church" and "state" ought to be immensely intertwined. Each implies morals, state through action and church through preaching the message. There needs to be a reunion, not separation.

    You may argue how will you bridge religions and incorporate them all? Well fuck, I don't know, a common sense approach to ethics? These gaps are filled very easily through meditation. Now get everyone to do it...heh.

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  19. It would seem to me that religious based "ethics" are what literally keeps humanity divided as a whole...

    There will never be "reunion" when humans continue to profess unwavering belief in unsubstantiated mythological/religious doctrines...
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