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  1. I was just reading about my state (texas) laws at norml and started reading about tax stamps. My understanding of this is that I could take my marijuana to....wherever you take it...I guess the courthouse, and get it taxed, and then I would not be in violation of the law while posessing it. Now, I saw this on the history channel so I know the whole story about how it was a scam in the 1930's when marijuana was first criminalized so that people would be arrested when they went to get the stamps. But say I could find someone at the courthouse who would stamp it for me, and I mean legit, I'll pay the tax. Would that make it "ok" for me to have possession?
  2. NO

    For the love of God don't get your stuff stamped. Due to the nature of the way the law is written, even buying the stamps is considered possession because you have to agree to having possesion of the drug to buy the stamps. The stamp act has been declaired unconstitutional in some states because in order to follow the law (getting stamps), you have to admit to committing a crime, and that's a violation of the 5th amendment.

    The stamps used to have legit uses, I think they used them when farmers grew hemp in WWII.
  3. That would not be a good idea. Like Joint said, it's an illegal and unconstitutional trap. Don't fall into it!

    -Antwan L.

    P.S. Hey... it's another Texan!

  4. And even with the anti-marijuana laws now in place, the government could at any time legalize the use of hemp for wartime purposes. How frickin' convenient for them!
  5. astro look at some of the drug stamps on norml...

    funny as hell...a tax stamp that says don't do drugs or showing a needle in the arm with a grave

    if tax stamps are legally required to provide a pictograph of the effects cigs should have a coffin and debt alcohol a crossed out liver and dead stick figures

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