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  1. ive been scoping the craigs list and a Houston based import car tuner forum for another car . my requirements are 4 doors(for my kids) and manual shift, within a budget of $3000. so far a couple cars have caught my eye. one is a mid 90's Accord with a Prelude H22A4 swap on an original accord 5 speed(2nd and 3rd grind so it might be a deal breaker). then theres this really clean 91 Prelude Si. it has a B20 with B21 head. rebuilt 8000 miles ago. ive always liked old Preludes. but who knows what could be around in a few weeks when i get the return check...
    What have you got your eye on GrassCity???

  2. Fuck that get a eg, ek or dc2
  3. Down payment on a nice car lol
  4. i refuse to finance and raise my living costs.
  5. how much they want for the prelude? I'm about to buy a lil Honda here pretty soon aswell
  6. [quote name="El Duderino" post="19438914" timestamp="1391136086"]i refuse to finance and raise my living costs.[/quote]and I refuse to drive a car without a driver controlled differential and a naturally aspirated engine.Different strokes, different tokes
  7. Im thinking of getting a subaru impreza when i get my taxes back. Still not sure yet if i should go new and be crazy broke, or get a used car......... 
  8. Fuck being broke. I don't care what you drive. Having money to do shit is much better than looking at the expensive toy you can't afford to drive. Never been a big fan of buying someone else's "swaps" because it seems like shit is always half assed. If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself.
  9. #JeepCherokee
    Nah but i love preludes just not a ragged out piece of shit ya know?
  10. [quote name="Firefly1628" post="19439257" timestamp="1391139589"]Im thinking of getting a subaru impreza when i get my taxes back. Still not sure yet if i should go new and be crazy broke, or get a used car......... [/quote]you wont regret it. I used to have an 04 STi and I miss it every day
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    he's asking 3000 but its really clean. B20 engine rebuilt 8000 miles ago. just a really clean, unmodified Prelude. i set my budget at 3000 and ive seen some clean civics and accords, integras too on the CL. manual shift vehicles are becoming easier to find as young drivers are becoming lazier drivers.
  12. you gotta buy it man. and true, but that works our great for me id much rather have manual over automatic
  13. Oh yes,shitty rig jobs suck but dear god is it rewarding when you fix your junk.
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    a '67 Bug just came up on the Craigs List. its primer. running driving, complete original interior. single carb. rust free floor pans $2900. do want. got my W2 today. shall file tomorrow during my lunch break.  im ready! should i ask the guy to hold it?!?
    tough to fit the kids and wife in a beetle.
    find something nondescript and build a sleeper.
  16. this second car(whatever it happens to be) will be a driving car for to-from work for my wife and i, maybe one child would ride every now and then to the store or something... i have a clean 97 Olds 88 that seats 6, so i just need a little runabout. the Olds would stay home with the kids when needed.
    Im going tonight!!!! I cant wait!
  18. i cant decide whether or not i would like a 90-something Civic or an old Beetle... ive got time to wait and see what comes around i suppose... 
  19. I use to be hardcore car hustler during and after high school. I'd buy a car, fix it to run good, drive it around for a week or two, sell for a profit, repeat. Use that money to buy a car that's a level up. Learned all this from a good friend. I always took my time due to having a job. Considered it as a hobby that makes income.
    Since you said you got time to wait... I'll share my car hustling secret.
    One of the tricks my friend shared with me is... If you see the car you want in someone yard, knock and ask. You be surprised how many actually would consider selling. We use to drive around the city and country area looking for cars. The best place to look in, Trailer Parks or Low income housings. You'll find them to be more willing to sell and deal due to their financial situation.
    Still... you have to learn how to haggle. You don't have to be good at it. Keep it simple and low ball hard.
    Example true scenario: If a car was worth 3000. Low ball 700 after inspecting it for body and mechanical issues. And when it works, man does it feel good to get it that low... cause it leaves you room to buy parts to repair and make profit. I never financed a car in my life.
    No intention to brag but I owned all the cars everyone talking above. Honda, Acura and Nissan. They all get boring driving for a everyday driver. When I finally got a hand on mint single owner black on black 1997 Lexus SC, I kicked myself for not going the luxury route in the first place. So don't sell yourself short on luxury.
    Within your budget.
    I recommend finding a manual Infiniti G20. It's a combination of luxury and sport. It was the one car I could never find...
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    smart man
    Check out estate sales in your area. Most places advertise the sells online. Its dangerous but police auction are anouther option.
    I'd hunt for a civic hatch 92-95. I know its not a 4 door but you can fit so much stuff in the back wih the sets folded forwards. I have put a motorcycle in the back of mine :)

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