Tavis Smiley: More Christians Than Muslims Blow Up People Every Single Day

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH0YYic_JpY]YouTube - Tavis Smiley: More Christians Than Muslims Blow Up People Every Single Day[/ame]

    Note, this is the guy who said the media works for Barack Obama. Its amazing to me how he could say something so utterly ridiculous, then name "columbine" as his example, while claiming "I can go on all day with these examples".

    This is liberal derangement syndrome, straight up.
  2. Yikes, defending the indefensible.
  3. who the fuck is tavis smiley and why does he have his own tv show
  4. I'm not saying he's not telling the truth, but who tallies shit like that?

  5. What are you talking about? how could be possibly be telling the truth? Nothing he said has any basis in reality. Where are his examples? Are you seriously suggesting Columbine had some kind of connection to Christians?

    I on the other hand, can give many, many examples of Muslims trying or succeeding in killing Americans.

    Just recently:

    -Naddal Hassan military bases murders
    -Shoe Bomber
    -NYC car bomb attempt
    -US soldier killed on street by extremest Muslim
    -3,000+ murdered at 40,000 feet, WTC & Pentagon
    -Foiled Marine base attack
    -Underwear bomber
  6. Open your eyes a little, Drone. There's bound be hundreds of people in our country that claim Christianity, that kill others everyday. Not saying that every person whose ever killed another person has to be a Christian, but IMO there is a lot of them. And again, who actually keeps record of that?
  7. It's PBS.
  8. I hate to defend Christianity, but the radicalization if Islam is not nearly the same as Christians who kill people. These extremist Muslims literally interpret their religious texts, as telling them to kill non-believers. The Bible, among it's many, many, many flaws, tells Christians to feel pity for non-believers. There's a huge difference there. Even the most extremist, nutjob Christians don't openly advocate killing athiests.

    I personally think religion is bunk, but I don't think the comparison exists between extremist Muslims and Christians.
  9. This guy really doesnt know what he is talking about because being a true Christian means following the example set by Jesus. The whole turn the other cheek thing is one of the fundamental principles of Christianity. If someone hates you show them Love if someone harms you forgive them etc... The best example is when Jesus was being nailed to the cross he forgave the people that were killing him. Just think about that for a moment how much love must be in your heart for you to forgive your murders as you are being killed. People like this guy in the video are the reason Christians are so misunderstood. People say Christians are hating by pointing out sins but ask yourself if ure about to walk off a cliff and someone shouts out to you hey watch out your about to walk off a cliff would you call that person hateful ? Christians are doing the exact same thing when they are warning people about sins because to them they are simply warning you that there is danger to be careful.
  10. To which I would have responded with "please do. Go one and list your examples."

    Someone saying such outlandish shit should be able to back it up with more than one example.

    I'm also struggling as to the connection with that particular claim, as no one was "blown up" at columbine, so he's not even being accurate with his one lone example.
  11. Christians certainly don't help the cause either... Pro-war, Pro-life... :rolleyes:
  12. I do think there is a comparision.

    They're all bat shit crazy.

    This documentary is worth watching:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOqGhcwwE1s]YouTube - Jesus Camp - 1/9[/ame]
  13. Meh, that goes both ways. Anti-death penalty, but pro-abortion.

    Why am I not surprised you dug up one of the left's favorite videos from the Bush years? So, you think the comparison is apt, because some people in this video deeply believe in god? I'm not seeing any violence, so can we just assume you've had a little too much to drink tonight?
  14. If I was there I would be the first one to stand up and ask that woman where in the Bible is she getting those things from. As for that dance at the beginning i can't really comment much on it cuz I duno what that was all about. Jesus put it best when he said it's easier to squeeze a camel through a eye of a needle than it is to get into heaven. Just because people call themselves Christian doesn't mean they are Christian in their hearts.
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    Well it is a 9 part series and it's only 4 PM here - which wouldn't stop me from drinking but, no, no alcohol.

    I guess if I were to give my opinion of this it would greatly differ from yours and I know you are not very giving when it comes to looking at things from someone else's perspective so I typically don't put much effort into addressing your posts, mostly because I feel it goes the same way with you - but I'm still new maybe that's unfair.

    But, in a nut shell, just because someone chooses to slap a label on themselves (christian, muslim, liberal, conservative, whatever) doesn't automatically make them that label. You can call yourself whatever you want but your actions are what define you.

    These bastages blowing shit up, causing problems, killing people, I don't care what they say they are they're just murderers. They're not muslims, they're not christians, murderers.

    Kind of like saying "I'm a pacifist" then going on a shooting spree. That persons not a pacifist. It wouldn't be fair to say "Pacifists believe in shooting people!" because of what that one clown shoes mfer did.

    Edit: Prez the quote says It's easier to get a camel through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. But I have no idea how you are using this to apply to this situation
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    @Mirvs Your right that is the exact verse. I just view being rich a little different than most people. To me being rich means having all your needs met ie food in your belly a roof over ure head etc.... It's very easy to forget about God when u have a good (rich) life. True Christians are those that remember God in the good times and the bad times. You have to ask yourself how many of the people who call themselves Christians would keep following Jesus if they are starving to death and someone tells the i'll give you food if you stop following Jesus. The people that keep following Jesus even if it means death are the true Christians those that give up their faith for the food are fake Christians. To me ure rich once all your needs are met anything else means your getting richer but u became rich when ure basic needs are met.

    I hope I explained my view well.
  17. Well, right, it explains how the quote was taken out of context. Christ was talking about financially rich people. Thanks, I guess.
  18. You're leaving out the important fact that they kill in the name of their religion. Its their religion that motivates them. So please stop with this tired old MSM line that "they're not real Muslims". You'll notice the Muslim woman speaking on the show doesn't buy in to what you're saying either?

    Nobody is saying ALL MUSLIMS want to kill people. That is the strawman you guys fall back on when you're other flimsy arguments have been decimated.
  19. What the hell does it matter. You murder someone, and you are a murder.
    If you are defending Christianity by saying "Well Muslims kill more people than Christians do on a daily" well that really isn't saying much. Both religions promote murder. Whether you act on it or not, both scriptures promote murder of people of which they deem "bad"
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    Even in context its not really money rich people its possessions rich people. A rich person lives a comfortable life its hard for them to give that comfort up for the sake of their faith. The principal applies to what I said in my other post it takes alot of faith to put that much trust in Jesus.

    Your wrong there bub. Christianity is absolutely against killing anyone even the bad people. look at this direct quote from Jesus "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone". To give ya some background about that quote they brought a sinner before Jesus that deserved to be stoned according to the bible. It is true that she sinned and deserved to be stoned but as Jesus pointed out only if you yourself are sin free can you pass judgment on a sinner. Nobody including Christians are sin free we have all broken at least one of the ten commandments so if you are a Christian then you follow the teachings of Jesus you are forbidden from passing judgment on a sinner even if you know they are guilty because you have to be sin free yourself to pass judgment on another person according to Jesus himself.

    So dont group Christians in with muslims because islam has no such restriction.

    PS Yeah I get the irony of saying she deserved to be stoned on a cannabis forum but just so everyone knows It meant to have rocks thrown at her.

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