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  1. gonna get me arm done from the shoulder to the elbow in the summer. just gonna get the outside of me arm done in tribal and polynesian art. anyways, im gonna get back into weight liftin aswell soon havent had the time the last few months. so what do ya reckon, will weight liftin stretch me tattoo or what. just wonderin before i get it done.
    thanks for reading :smoking:
  2. so you want to become a body builder with tribal tattoos? cmon mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  3. no i dont wanna be a body builder i just enjoy doin weights... no crime in that
  4. it will be o.k. it would be worse if you were real big when you got it then got skinny.
  5. Do you have some kind of tribal ancestry? If not, tribal tattoos are retarded and a dime a dozen.

  6. yeah thats what i was thinkin man. that sleeve you have is fuckin unreal never seen somethin so brilliant in me life. +rep dude

  7. if ya have nothin productive to offer then dont make me waste me time readin ur comments
  8. I am actually getting a half-sleeve as my very first tattoo this summer as well! I am wrapping my arm in my family's tartan (the "plaid" pattern unique to a clan in Britain, mostly scottish) and placing some version of my family crest on top of it. The artist I have selected for this first tat is the guy who has done ALL of my brother's extensive work and has long been a close friend of the family.

    Do these tribal patterns actually mean something to you on a personal level, or are you just doing it because it is cool? Don't make permanent decisions without thinking them through all the way. Do you think you will still find some generic tribal pattern "cool" 40 years from now? I have been debating getting mine for about 5 years now and finally think I am ready to do something that I will love when I am an old man.

    To each his own, but I would just say make sure it really means something before getting it!
  9. Oh, something to offer?

    In that case, no your retarded tribal design will not get screwed up by getting bigger unless you gain 10 lbs of muscle in a month.

    Btw, waste time? You're on a pot forum. I'm pretty sure the point is to blaze and waste time. My advice was to get a real tattoo, or you're going to regret it.
  10. You gave good advice, don't let his inability to receive a small piece of constructive criticism get to you.
  11. get something meaningful
  12. i already have 2 tattoos and i love em. i love all the polynesian stuff its brilliant art i think. i understand people sayin to think about it first and ive been thinkin bout it for months and ive made up me mind like. thanks for the advice anyway sound
  13. well if youve already thought about it then go for it
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    That was a little rough and uncalled for. So much for the theory that pot smokers are mellow, I guess. He didn't come on here asking for your opinion of his tattoo idea. If it's what he likes, it's what he should get. He's the one who has to look at it the most. And no, I'm not sticking up for him because I have a tribal. I do have a couple tattoos, no tribals. I don't mind them if they are done right and work with body lines though.
    edit: I guess I'm a little late on this since it's a 2 week old thread, lol.

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