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  1. So i was thinking about getting a tattoo, but i want something with meaning behind it. kind of like a tattoo that represents me, you know? I was just wondering if anyone had any tattoos if they could post them because i need some ideas. Or if you just have some ideas post them too. thanks.
  2. Sounds like you need to draw it yourself if you want it to truly represent you.

    I designed the one I have, out of thin air.
  3. I think i'll do a general drawing just to show the artist, but then have whoevers doing the work draw it and come up with a final project.
  4. You want us to post pics of our tats to give you ideas for yours? Thats basing yours off someone elses...not very unique. Plus id rather people not have a tat like mine so I think ill just keep it to myself thankyou

    Think of what you you want heritage? Whats your family background...those are good personal tats and easy to customize

    Do you want a name tat? Figure out a name and draw it different ways
  5. I have a Japanese cherry blossom branch with a Wiccan star intertwined in it.
    The cherry blossom because I love Japan and the star because I'm Wiccan.

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