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  1. I just got my first tattoo done tonight and I was wondering if anybody else on here had any tattoos.

    Here are 2 pictures before I got it wrapped up:


  2. is that ur last name i would guess? i know quite a few people who got th eir last n ame tattoo'd down the back of their arm

    i've posted my tats up a couple times, so if u really wanna see em u'll have to search for me and tattoo's, cuz i aint goin through the trouble of changing their filenames or puttin em on imagehosting again haha
  3. use the search button... there are a ton of threads on this subject. PS nice tat
  4. I did use the search button, when you search for it nothing really comes up ("Post a picture of you... if you dare", "Cleavage!", etc etc etc.).

    And it's Latin for "To Protect/ to serve".
  5. I'll be getting one done soon, "One Among The Fence" across my back. :p
  6. I always thought about gettin one but I change my mind alot about shit! Then you have to think about jobs and shit that you would like to have one day!! Or like once you get like 60, you're goin to be wanting to cover it up all the time by wearing hot ass and long sleeves all the time!! I don't know if I want to get one!! I thought about gettin a R.I.P. one for my uncle on my are though!! But I think as long as the tattoo means somethin it should be ok!
  7. [​IMG]
    thats my back what what! haha i got more but didnt feel like uploading them maybe some other time :hello:
  8. Woah! That's epic!
  9. Theres a couple tat threads. My gallery has my ink. Big pieces must moolah!
  10. ^ wow... u just owned the whole thread..

    i been thinkin about gettin a tattoo for a while now.... but i always spend my money on weed.... fuck it next time i get some money im doin it.
  11. this is me being too lazy to upload a good pic.
    i got a few tatts, my neck, arms, knee, etc...


  12. Ben Corn is the artist. He is fucking amazing you should check out his work. He's from the SO CAL area but is booked for a few months. I would get at him for some amazing pieces. He is also responsible for designing the KMK and Kingspade CD album covers as well as flyers, posters, pictures etc.
  13. right now my top 2 artists consist of NATE BEAVERS of I-45 Ink of Houston and RUSS ABBOTT of Ink & Dagger of Atlanta.
  14. Motox fuckin sick tattoos. +rep love the whale.
  15. :eek: thats sooooo wicked! im fixin to get a chest peice here in like 2 weeks or so i will def add it up here. definatley some quality ink!

  16. haha thanks mang. ANGRY MOBY DICK charging the depths.
  17. I have an idea for two tats, I want to get a either my own version of the Join or Die slogan used during the Revolutionary war or a copy of it put on my back somewhere to show some patriotism. I also want to get an anchor with two natical stars chained to it, inside the stars will be the enlistment #'s of both my grandpa's. One of my grandpa's flew for the navy for many years as a fighter pilot during the cold war and the other was one of the original navy seals, he died from complications when part of his platoon was sprayed with agent orange. They were in the thick of some battle in vietnam and the helicopters dropped agent orange to clean up the vietcong so they could get out of there, well one of the pilots either fucked up or someone gave wrong coordinates because he got sprayed. He came back from the war really bad and I want to do something to commemorate him and my other grandfather.

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