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Any tattoos?

  1. Yeah, professionally done.

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  2. Yeah, Home done (please specify method)

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  3. Yup, Both

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  4. uhmmm, No

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  1. Do you have any tattoos? if so, how many? and of what?
  2. I've never been able to come up with something I know I'll still like in 6 weeks, let alone the rest of my life.
  3. no tattoos for me... never had the desire to get one
  4. nope, none, if i ever did get one, it would be of a playboy bunny on my lower back by my upper ass, or a small green pot leaf on my lower ankle or somthing!
  5. I have 3. One on my upper left thigh, it's an indian dream catcher with feathers. One on my upper right arm, it's a sun, moon, star w/birthsign that I designed, and one on my left shoulder blade, the chinese symbol for wicked.
  6. i had to choose none in the poll.

    but i have plans to start a "life diary" down both my arms, my spine and then perhaps my legs eventually too (if i live that long with such a full life) with images periodically added to the design to depict important events in my life.

    so once it gets started it the first image will depict my birth, then perhaps the second would be my first word (?) moving on to first girlfriend, first love, first time I opened my mind to psychadelic teacher substances, first joint, first shag etc etc. Then i'll have to put in my will, that before i get chucked into the ground or cremated or whatever (would prefer to be ejected into the vacuum of space) i'll have to get my tat artist to fill in the final one... my death.

    cool idea huh?
  7. 4 tats so far. the nearest ink shop is 5hrs away, so it's been hard lately.

    i've got a dragon (hack job) on right hip, scorpio(n) on belly, snake around ankle, sun on lower back
  8. 4 tattoos right now....

    2 done by myself with a pen and a safety pin (crescent moon on ankle, letter "T" on thigh)
    1 done with a homemade tattoo gun (lady bug on left hand)
    1 done professionally (stars, moon, and clouds on my lower back)
  9. no tatoos for me..probably never will get one, but ill keep an open mind.
    how about some pics of your tatoos.
  10. im sure this doesnt count for nothing and its horrible mental picture spose thats why im tellin ya....9 months pregnant huuuuge belly beautifully decorated with fake girlie tats, well who knew they be sooo hard to get off stretchy skin. what was funny one day caused a circius into my examining room the next day. this caused nurses and and other dr's look what this stupid girl has done....aint SHE cute. took a little longer than i expected to get them off...........
    other than those....none.

  11. I have 11 tats. The one that sticks out the most is the lizard tat on the side of my neck.
  12. I don't have any tatoos or anything cool but I really want to get one! I just need to find a good place and a neat design and one of these days I'm gonna go do it. I'll have to have a friend go with me though. What is a cool one for a girl that isn't too common-like everybody has like hearts and butterflies. I want something a bit more unique. Any suggestions?

  13. thats a kewl idea digit, hope u go through with it!
  14. sounds fucking cool dude.

    no tatoos on my presence so far but i will some day
  15. hey i have 12 tattoos #1 i have a big spider web on my back,#2 a learge eagle on my right shoulder,#3 a trible band on my left upper arm,@ 4 a evil looking skull on my left inside forarm, #5 chinese wrighting on my left wrist,#6more chinesse writeing on my right wrist,#7,8,9my foot has 3 tribal tattoos on it,#10my right claf of my leg has a large tribal on it,#11 my right upper leg has a chinessse symbol,#12my left upper leg has a pic of a guys standing there with a fat joint in his mouth and a pot leaf on his shirt theres my tats hopfully there no narks readin this lol oh welll noone ever see's my tatts anyway

  16. I have the allman bros mushroom on my shoulderblade (on the box set of 'mycology', with the Moe wormwood fairy on top of it, and the grateful dead rose circulling it all

    I had it done by a coworker illegaly yesterday for my sweet 16th :)

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