tattoos that vibrate when you get a phone call?

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  1. Nokia patents a tattoo that vibrates when you get a call -

    By Deborah Netburn Nokia is taking steps to make sure you never miss another phone call, text or email alert again: The company has filed a patent for a tattoo that would send "a perceivable impulse" to your skin whenever someone tried to contact you ...

    i think its a horriable idea and many are gonna die cause some stupid mistake, but i was wondering would you blades do this? what do you think ?
  2. wow, thats a horrific idea!

    lol....I would never want that...
  3. my god, the cyborg age is upon us.
  4. I have no tattoos and my skin still vibrates when I "think" I got a text....

    Aliens :confused_2: ???
  5. idk like could this kill someone tho ? like thats like electric charges flowing threw skin it cant be good can it?
  6. They're just trying to "chip" us so they can keep track of us. :devious: :p
  7. what the fuck?
  8. Hmm, I can see people getting these tatts in places where the sun don't shine.

  9. lol what if a couple both got them in such areas, and proceeded to call eachother while doin the dirty

    phone sex?
  10. Fucking stupid lol. Imagine getting a tattoo of some boobs and they start jiggling around when your mom calls :O
  11. Its sad that Email and text and shit are so important, some people would DIE without their phones it seems like... :(
    This is absolutely one of the stupidest ideas I think I have ever heard. Why go through all of that? You'd have to sync your tat up with new phones ect.

    Oh and like pearl said...Its prollly just another BS way to slap us with some kinda tracking chip.

    And OP i'm thinking that the electrical impulses/charges flowing through your skin would most likely be at a frequency thats "not harmful" or less harmful than your standard 50-60hz :laughing: But that's pure speculation.

    HAHA:laughing: The putting em in naughty places idea makes the whole thing even worse:devious:
  12. what happens if you need to get an MRI?

    wouldnt that.... not work so well with a fucking chip inside of you????
  13. im getting my asshole tatted
  14. Mark of the beast.
  15. This sounds horrible, not for me haha. I'll wait until they can install wings onto your back, now thats a good fucking idea :D
  16. It's hard to believe that people actually want to be more tied to their phone. I hate having a cellphone...the last thing I want is my skin vibrating everytime some fool texts me with 'sup bro?'
  17. Why would you ever want this on your body... really...
  18. Sounds like an opportunity to make money as a human guinea pig...or with a lawsuit. I'll stick to doing this thing where I make my phone vibrate instead
  19. The worst thing is you'll be stuck with a nokia for the rest of your life!
  20. Get a tattoo OF your pinky finger ON your pinkeye finger.

    No one will ever know.

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