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  1. i always toke before i start the sessions. it relaxes me and for some reason it makes me skin easier to tattoo. like the skin is so relaxed it just lets the ink sink in and hold. plus, that annoying needle vibration just makes you pass out.
  2. Hrm... I wonder how many tatoo artists chill here on GC...
  3. i am actually an apprentice

  4. im pretty sure-high or not, the ink holds.

    i prefer to go in sober for many reasons.

    probably the biggest reason is i dont wanna look like a fool amongst people i consider buddies.

    personally, tattoo shop=barber shop. im in there like once a week and we just talk politics.
  5. i've gone to one guy for all my tats and i'll smoke while he's doing it, of course i don't allow him to smoke while he's doin my tat but we'll always burn some after.

    I definetely prefer being ripped than sober when getting tats.. i've gone sober once and didn't like it, it's much better with some booze, weed and maybe a painer or two.
  6. of course the ink holds but you arent as tense so there is no chance of rejection when muscles spazz and flex during the process.

    everyone in my shop smokes anyways. its all good for me to go stoned. and just like you im in there almost every day just chillin, drawing and practicing. im the youngest in the shop so everyone is an older brother to me.
  7. alcohol is such a no no with tattoos. i drank a few and went in for a session and i got bitched out because i bled out so much. never again. stoned is cool though. we cant smoke in the shop due to hawaii health board being cunts though. on my tiki we stopped half way through and smoked a blunt then went back at it. the part he did when stoned came out better than the one while sober but it just took to fucking long.
  8. ...Going under the influence of any drug to get any kind of body modification done is just so fucking stupid.

    So bad for the entire process.
  9. how so for marijuana? i dont see anything wrong at all with it.
  10. my brother is a tattoo artist in buffalo he just opened his 2nd shop. He says he always is high when he tats. When he came home for a few days he did a tat for my sister (if anyone saw m new peice thread you saw the kitchen operation at a party haha) my sister bought a new bong in NY so we were all bonging including him while the ink was being laid out
  11. i guess for some people its ok and others not really. weed hits everyone differently. for me, ive done a tattoo stoned and it came out just as good as if i would do it sober. it just took a little longer.
  12. I'm gettin a back piece done soon and it i'll be my first tat so i plan on goin high off my ass then
  13. what are you getting done?
    17 tattoos and i havent touched my back or chest yet.
  14. The guy who did one of my tattoos was stoned during the last session and didn't tell me. I didn't notice because I wasn't a smoker myself and didn't know him all that well. I'm pissed off, stuck with an UGLY tattoo, and the shop doesn't exist anymore so I can't get it fixed without paying for it myself.

    If I didn't already have another plan for it, I'd be looking up a lawyer. He didn't just fuck up my tattoo, he could have "forgotten" to sterilize equipment properly. Mix the colors wrong. Improperly calibrate the machine. Whatever. My point is that I'm paying for a piece of art that is permanently on/in my body, and I'm sure as hell not paying hundreds of dollars for an "artist" (i.e. hack with a tattoo machine and some stencils) to act that unprofessional.

    I think when people "need" to use something before any kind of mod, it just cheapens the experience. Come on, you're having a machine drive needles into your skin thousands of times per minute! Own up to the pain, its not supposed to feel good. What feels good is walking out of that shop still buzzing from endorphins. ;)
  15. my artist smokes, so we always toke before a session. much fun :)
  16. my first tattoo, i was wicked stoned I was a bike week at weirs beach and the tattoo guy asked me if I knew where he could get some weed. I think he could smell it on us, so i went and smoked with him and he did my tat.

    every other time i was sober though, only because of the fact that i'd rather have it hurt alittle more and be done faster. because whenever i get baked time sloooooows down so like a hour session would seem like 4
  17. Not to be an ass, but i dont think alot of people in this thread know what they are talking about.
    I am, and actually have been a tattoo artest for about 8 years now, and have met some very expearenced people in the buisness and know for a fact many of them are "stoned" for the most part of their day.
    Here is a work in progress of my dragon thats taken about 22 hours to this date, and the guy who is doing it who is a close friend of mine was of course "stoned" with me for the most part of the time.
    The theory on the ink / skin posted by the thread creator is total bullshit by the way.


  18. Hah, man I had a friend get fuckin shitty with us one night, kids never done any drugs, only drank a few times. We get him shitty as HELL, then we happen by a tattoo parlor. I dared him to get a tattoo, told him I would pay for it if he let me pick it out, and in his drunkness the idiot said yes. So dude got a Thrasher tattoo the skategoat thing, looks pretty good too, but he passed out in the chair about half way through.
  19. do you listen to megadeth
  20. i have no tats but ima get one soon and best believe ill be blazed

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