Tattooed people, what does ink mean to you.

Discussion in 'General' started by Buddha_Man, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I have many tattoos, close to fifty, and my favorite one would probably be the pin-up girl/angel on my chest. I did it myself in the mirror with a real tattoo machine and i love it. I mean, It's basically just an outline (for now), but because i did it myself, in a mirror, im happy how it came out.

    BTW my entire left arm is tattoos i did myself. They aren't the most beautiful pieces of art, but they all have meaning to me.

    IMO a tattoo should be something that represents your opinions on life. A barb-wire douche bag armband doesn't realy mean shit, except that you're a douche.

    So what kinda tats do you have and why'd you get em?
  2. My tattoos don't hold a super awesome spectacular meaning to them, well they have some just not in the sense that I wear my opinions on life on my skin. Majority of people don't know what my work represents until they ask me, all they see is nice colorful work that's eye pleasing.

    Some have more meaning than others because of the point in life I was in when I got them, others I have because I truly love the design and wanted it on me forever.

    I think as long as the tattoo means something, anything at all, to you in some way then it doesn't matter what they are portrayed as. So if Mr.Armband wants some more barbed wire then who are you to say it doesn't hold some kind of significance in order to be wearing it?
    I also find it sad that you judge people on their work considering you admitted that your work isn't the greatest. Those people that you call douches because they have something you don't approve of probably think you should take the time to hear their reason for getting it. Even if the reason is because they like it and they wanted it, it doesn't warrant for calling their work meaningless shit.
  3. ^probably one of of the sickest tattoos ive ever seen
  4. Too bad that isn't a real tattoo, it's photoshopped sadly.

  5. I agree 100% with this.

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