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  1. Iv wanted to get some kind of marijuana related tattoo for some time but most images and pictures i find just seem a bit cheesy or cartoon like.

    Has anyone else had a marijuana tattoo and where did you find the design?.
    i think i am looking to get the medical sign

    something like this



    the first one looks ok but logos are to tiny :smoke:
  2. The second one is nice but the Marijuana doesn't stand out much.
  3. if anything id get this [​IMG]
  4. the first one is awesome dude
  5. I like the first one. Just wish it had a bigger leaf.
  6. Yeah, though the first one does look nice anyways. After looking a bit the second one's color looks too artificial.
  7. I actually thought about getting an extremely similar tattoo but in the end I went with this. Only 1 in a hundred thousand people will spot this and know what it is.

    THC molecule :)
  8. i knew what it was ;P
  9. me too
  10. lol well we are on a pot forum...this isn't exactly an average sample group. hahaha
  11. its the type of tattoo that if soemone knows what it is they probably smoke weed too...i ve been thinking of getting the molecule somewhere aswell but not sure where yet.
  12. I personally would never get a marijuana related tattoo, but that's just me.
  13. youll get the best looking design by going to a tattoo shop and talking directly to the artist who will be tattooing you. they are usually very helpful and if you take in a picture of a rough design such as what you have, tell them what you would like added or what you want it to look like and they are usually pretty good at coming up with cool designs. custom ink is always cooler imo:)
  14. A tattoo artist can make the leaf bigger you know? If you give him the first one as a tattoo and ask him to make the leaf bigger make it different, he will it, it's his job.

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