Tattoo + Weight Loss = ??

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  1. Hey everyone. I've wanted to get a tattoo for almost a year now, but have had a few things keeping me away from any tattoo parlors...

    First of all, I don't drink. ;)

    More seriously, though, I'm overweight, and I'm afraid that if I get a tattoo that I'll regret it in a few years when I've lost the weight. I am working out and starting to lose a bit of weight, but still haven't met my goal. If I get a tattoo on my upper back and lose 30 lbs of fat, but gain some muscle, will the tattoo be distorted and weird? I want to get 2 tattoos, but the second one will come later in life... :cool:

    By the way, I'm thinking of getting the lion of judah on my left upper back. Good idea? Bad idea?

  2. bad idea... use it as a reward for losing the weight
  3. Losing 30 lbs of fat will definitely shift it
    I would say wait and lose the weight first then get a tat
  4. I agree, use it as a reward. It will help you keep to your goal.

    I've done this recently with bike parts, I want to upgrade my bike but my goal is to be able to ride a certain distance (in this case it's a 45mi ride), so once I accomplish this I will reward myself with new bike parts :)

    I'm also working out and eating more, once I reach my weight goal I'm going to get new clothes (and if I bought them now I would out grow them!).
  5. Thanks guys, I guess I'll do that. Sounds like good motivation for losing weight. I guess I'm not fat or anything, just overweight. 5'10 and 170 lbs. =/ My goal is 130 or 140, then I want to start getting muscular and toned. :) Whatever. I'll get fit and then think about tattoos. Thanks again.
  6. Sorry if it came across that way, I did not intend it to. It's good to set reasonable goals, so you reach them often. That's what I'm trying to do right now. Also trying to create habits and not go easy on myself. Working on not stopping habits. I don't want to say I worked out for all of January and take a break, I want to stay in shape too! :hello: 2009 baby!
  7. Hmm... do you think riding my bike and hitting the heavy bag daily would get me in better shape?
  8. Definitely. My roommate and I have been hitting the weights and stacking the meals, we ride to school and work everyday, unless it rains we'll take the train. Eating right and trying hard is the key!

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