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  1. I'm gonna get a tattoo in a little bit once I save the money for it. There's a little story that goes with it. At Riverbends disc golf park in Michigan, theres some stairs where a bunch of people have done grafiti. Sometimes there's new stuff up there. Some weeks ago when I went there to disc, there was some grafiti art of Bill Nye the Science Guy. If you don't know who Bill Nye the Science Guy is...... fuck you..... you can't eat at my buffet.... errrr, he's this cool science guy that had his own TV show for kids... kinda.... so anyways it's just of his head and it's one of those two color things where it's just like a shilouette, if you get what I mean. But I'm gonna take a picture of it and take it to a few tattoo shops to see if they can do it and how much it will be.

    I can't decide where I want the tattoo to be. If I get it somewhere on my back I want to get it about 4" tall. But I kinda want to get it on my shoulder and have it about 3". Any suggestions?
  2. forget bill nye, get the MJ plant.....actully i wouldnt do it cause none of my family members condone it
  3. hahaha, I was wondering who bill nye is (I read 2nd post first), and thinking "why would you want to have a tattoo of someone?".... Then I read your post... I think the same thing still.

    Yeah I remember watching that show all the time... cool show, I guess, from what I remember.

    I would feel weird having one tattoo on my back, and it being of a person... You should look through the books they have at the shop, and if you see something you like, get a copy of it to bring home and put it in photoshop and mess with it, do a little modding and make it yours. That way you'd be more original, instead of having what a thousand other people have.

    There are a few different tattoos I'd like to get, but I'm just gonna keep myself free of them for now... My uncle is a tattoo artist and he'd do it for free if I wanted one anyways.
    But my tattoos would be original, except maybe one, my dad has on his arm (original to him).

    You definately want to be sure you want it (even when you're 67), otherwise you'll be like "what an idiot I was, for getting that science guys head put on my back..." - so make sure it really means something to you.
  4. good advice here. and if the tat is very intricate with lots of little details, the smaller it is, the more its gonna 'run' together as you get older. does bill nye have any particular meaning to your life or do you want to get a tat of him just cuz it seems cool right now? cuz i bet that when ur 50, ull be like 'wtf, i got this god damn tat of a fucking dorky guy on tv' ;p

    definitely get something that has meaning to your life, that way you won't regret it later.

  5. i wouldnt get a bill nye tat in fear of never gettin pussy ever again

  6. Point well taken. Plus, I went to the spot today after school to take pictures, but they painted white all over the fucking stairs that had cool grafiti on them. So, no Bill Nye grafiti left. I did look through the books and saw some small ones that were probably 2" square, but they were of spheres that had spikes and shit like that. I like that idea you had, Dirt King, of moding it in photoshop. I think I'm gonna do that instead of getting Bill Nye. Just get a small one somewhere. But where should I get it?
  7. ur butt.. seriously.. first tattoos should be somewhere easily covered up if you should one day regret it
  8. Damn, I liked the Bill Nye idea...too bad. I had a crush on my science teacher in 8th grade, and he looked like a younger version of Bill Nye. He used to put extra credit questions on tests like this:

    51. I do not look like:
    A. Bill Nye
    B. Bill Nye
    C. Bill Nye

    Sigh, memories.
  9. your face, like steve-o

  10. hahaha, damn, imagine having yourself on your back like that making a stupid face... lol

    If you don't really find anything in the shops books, you could search online... and another thing that might not be a bad idea, find a tat forum and ask some q's there too

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