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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows what the best or just decent tattoo parlors are in Amsterdam.

    I'm heading there in November and am planning on getting a tattoo whilst there.
    I have searched online and found a few.

    Hanky Panky Tattooing and Tattoo Peter seem to be the best reviewed.

    Anyone know anything about these or other places, will be much help.
  2. Why u wanna get in done in Dam mate? I've got a few but all were done in the UK tho, plenty good places around. I went over there last year like and it wer mental for blazing but i wouldn't wanna waste time getting a tatt there - plenty else to do haha.
  3. Well Im not on UK Mainland, so where I am there's two places.
    Both pretty shit.

    Also a thing I want with my tattoo's is that I want them from places around the world, like my favourite places.
    My first tattoo was done in Vegas, and I plan on getting one done in New York too.
    So a Dam one would just be adding to my list. Hahah.

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