Tattoo Pain?

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  1. Hey blades, im getting my first tatt today and i was considerin puttin it in my mid-lower back, to the side. how is the pain going to be for that spot? or for any spot really. what hurts the least?
  2. Anywhere where there's flesh...shoulders, arms, legs

    Places like the neck or the ribcage where the skin is thin is the most painful
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    B) are you a female... if not... why the lower back area?
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  8. i'm guessing your elbow hurts the least because you have almost no nerve endings there (at least in the skin)

    EDIT@S2THEM: if you're on here you are. deal with it :D
  9. i can assure you elbow hurts alot !!! as the skin is thin and you get this tapping sound fill your head as the vibrations travel up your arm

    for pain its generally considered

    Worst Ribs, lower stomach, crook of elbow, underside of arm (armpit area)

  10. yes you are :D
  11. I have a few tattoos. None of them really hurt.

    Some places you just get more discomfort than others.

    On the top of my arm under my shoulder I have a tattoo that wraps pretty much all the way around my arm (and is also a pretty big tat, so while its a little lower than a sleeve on a short sleeve shirt, it also goes up to where my armpit area is on the inside of my arm)

    As for the tats I've had done, thats the most uncomfortable spot. On the inside of my arm up closer to your shoulder where your skin is pretty tender.

    None of them really hurt, though. Just varying amounts of discomfort.
  12. a needle puncturing your skin over and over is going to hurt regardless of where you put it. it's just if you're more tolerant to pain, it's not going to hurt that much.
  13. there's no measuring.. you'll just have to go and figure it out. if you really want it, pain is no issue. but really, I don't believe it hurts.
  14. hey

    ive been tatted quite a few times, and honestly speaking they have all hurt ~~> the ones tht hurt the least are where u have a lot of 'meat' lol ~~>4 example, i have one dead center btwn my breast. it hurt cuz it was on NOTHING but BONE whereas the one on my lower back only pinched...

    so i would say it like this ~~> feet, hands, chest, waistline, and sides will prolly hurt more than, lets say, your arm or leg.

    hope tht helps!!!

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  15. have you never smaked your elbow on something ? there are plenty of nerves in there atleast in mine

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