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  1. Hey GC i simply can not think of any designs by myself for my tattoo. Basically what i want is something to do with love because its what keeps me thriving in life. Keep in mind that im a guy. i want somethin not to girly haha. I was thinkin maybe a short love quote and a heart with some designs around it. its going to go on my shoulder. ANY ideas will be greatly appreciated! the best get +rep :) thanks:wave:
  2. get a verse that might be really important to you, i have "life goes on" tatted on the inside of my bicep becuase ive had dificulties with my family the last year i look at that everyday and makes me happy.
  3. Yeah, the lyrics are a good idea i think imma do that. but now i just need a picture to go with the lyrics thats the hardest part haha
  4. I don't really like word tattoos. If you have an idea that involves word, that is what a pencil n pad is for.
  5. well the focus of the tattoo isnt gonna be on the words. the focal point will be a picture. but the words maybe flowing around it or somethin.
  6. [​IMG]

    Heh, I can't believe somebody actually got that...
  7. If you've ever seen Yellow Submarine think of near the end when they play "All You Need is Love" and there's all the word designs of Love... just an idea...
  8. can draw a picture with pencil and pad, I have a word tattoo and id rather have it on me then on a piece of paper..

    Anyways OP I think you should just look around and think about it, remember you have to have it forever, pick a picture/quote that you really want. Took me forever to think of mine too but you'll find it.
  9. I can see you defensive approach on this one.
  10. love the avatar pic loyalty, i was actually thinkin of putting a quotte from a poem 2pac wrote. he was a great poet his stuff was deep most people dont know that.
  11. hay people i do all my own tattoos and yet i just ant got enuf i want a cannabis plant on my back with the top main bud on the back of my head/neck would love it
  12. lol, a cannabis leaf on the back of your head. :rolleyes:

    may look a bit freakish..

  13. Lol, that picture is of al pacino as scarface...
  14. wuttt? im so high bro this is an old thread haha

  15. haha check date of this post man. I changed my avatar picture, used to be Pac.
  16. ooo i get it now :) lol yeah it was pac thats why i was confused last night. it was my last night smoking for 2 months so i got high as a kite!

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