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  1. I've been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for awhile now. Well, not so much as toying, as just waiting. I know I will get one. Just need to save first.

    This is my best idea so far. (No, its not a tribal arm-band.)

    Well, my very first time ever Vagabonding was in Belize. I was working a farm there and surfing in the mornings.

    Well, my host family gave me 3 days off. So, I took the chance, and I went camping out on the beach. All by myself. I just needed to get away, just with myself. The first night was great, ate fish I caught, drank coconut juice, got baked and watched the fire.

    When I awoke in the morning, I unzipped my tent. When I did this, there appeared two Scarlet Macaws just chilling on a palm tree over the ocean. With a beautiful, Central American sunrise lighting the scene. It was a beautiful sight. Something, that I can't get out of my head to this day. That's when I knew that Vagabonding was my new religion. My new way of life.

    I just need to honor this momentous turning point in my personal way of life.

    I was thinking of having an artist come up with the sketches. I want that exact scene tattooed on my side. Where its easy to cover up, if need-be. I'm not going to just any tattoo artist. I'm gonna do my research and go across the country if I have to, to find the best talent there is. I don't care about price. That's what I have a job for.

    Underneath it, I want "Off The Beaten Path I Reign" written out.

    What are your thoughts? I just like original artwork. I do believe tattooing is art form. Even though I don't have one, I've always been intrigued by them. I've been wanting one terribly.
  2. That's a great idea for a tattoo. But make sure 100% you want it before you get it.
  3. Go with a monkey fuckin a coconut tattoo.
  4. Go to Miami Ink.

    But be sure it has a meaning and its something you wont regret having.

    Also, could you PM me some info on vagabonding? It sounds interesting.
  5. Don't know where I want to go to at this point. So much talent out there.

    PM sent, by the way. :)

    And, no, I know I won't regret a tattoo. As long as I can easily hide it. That's all.

    I'm 99% sure I want a tattoo. I mean, who cares in the end, anyway? I'm just one of those guys who wants something significant etched into their skin. Not some spur-of-the-moment, drunken idea.
  6. get one on ur bum that says exit only.

    get one that will mean something to u for the rest of your life

    send me a pm on vagabonding to, hermits are intriguing
  7. that tat sounds awesome mang

    put up pics of the sketch when you get it made, im interested in seeing what your idea looks like
    haha, send me the pm too:)
  8. yeah, tim hendricks is one of my favorite artists, both ink and not. when i decide on my first tat i will certainly be going to only a top artist with a good reputation because i want whatever it is to be perfect and unique.

  9. I got this bad boy done last week.

    It's a tribute to my friend spider, who died in a motorcycle accident 3 months ago. I think the originality and passion in this tattoo represents his spirit perfectly.
  10. Yeah I've been wanting a tattoo for about 5 years now, and I still can't find what I want on me. It's gonna be pricey, and will be stuck on my skin for a very long time (no permanent anymore, not in cali anyways), so I need time to pick a tattoo, no luck as of yet.

    Good luck Mr. Anus, by the way, what is vagabonding? I heard it in a song but never needed to know what it meant until now. And I'd rather hear it here rather than spend my time going to google (lazy I know, just had a bunch of bongtokes).
  11. Just letting everyone that my post was completely a joke. I just google imaged tribal armband cause I'm high and bored:smoke:
  12. Haha i knew it man, I was crackin up
  13. Come to Grand Rapids, MI and I'll do it for you. I've been a tattoo artist for a couple of years now. I just got hired into Mos Eisley's a few months ago, a professional tattoo studio. I doubt your willing to come here though.
  14. Shit, MI isn't too far. No place is too far for great art.

    Also, check out the first two links in that post. Vagabonding is Zen.
  16. get a tatt of the chick in my signature repping your coast on her ass.
  17. The meaning is great and all, but in no way is that an original tattoo. EVERYBODY has tribal arm bands just like that. Not trying to be a dick, but....
  18. I've also been mulling over the idea of getting some tattoos done soon. I want to make absolutely sure they have meaning that will last a lifetime, though. I'm thinking of having the hammer of thor on one bicep, to represent my Danish ancestry, and the hound of cuchulainn on the other to represent my Irish heritage - both acting as symbols of my rejection of christianity
  19. Hey meatwad read my other post.
  20. i tend to chime in randomly but that sounds like a sweet idea for a tattoo... the obvious place would be on your back-?

    question: what is the "I Reign" part? is there a philosophical association for you to that phrase or-? i've read enough of your posts to know that you are not ego-driven like some (well, aren't we all, but you know what i mean?). you are young now and when we are young we do reign :p and the "I" doing all these things and having all these experiences is very, very important. If you really want to live your life off the beaten path (as I did for my first 42 years) you might change enough that the meaning of those words might change too, but that is just a thought based on the fact that you seem like a cool, thinking, adventurous kind of person and you asked lol :p

    anyway good luck with the tat but mostly with the rockin tude!


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