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  1. so i was thinkin about some new artwork to get and i wanted to hear ur guys' opinions... i have a couple ideas so tell me what ya think

    so first...
    on my right leg im thinking about getting the scene from fear and loathing in las vegas with benicio del toro and johnny depp in the caddy but have the camera facing inside the front window/up over the car and have johnny and benicio in the front seat and peter griffin in the back seat trippin on some acid sayin freekin sweeet. his eyes are all colorful and background is wavy and kinda like the poster with johnnys face all distorted.

    im thinking about this pic of a scrawny, decrepid, gangly female weed plant looking in to a mirror (like a floor mirror, the one that u can see ur whole body.. the rectangle one) and seeing itself as a beautiful bushy nug filled wonder plant.... (im taking submissions for the reflection plant... who wants their plant immortilized on my body!!!!)

    more ideas to come...
    let me know what u guys think....
    peace out everyone
  2. i think they are both pretty sweet ideas
  3. cool man thanks for some positive feedback... hopefully ill be getting both by september...
    i have to get my girly one for her bday first tho

    anyone else like or dislike my ideas?
  4. the second one sounds real sick. personally i dont care for the first one so much but thats just me.
  5. If you decide or accidently have children are you going to want a weed plant on your body? Also when your older do you want some random guy on your body saying freekin sweet?
  6. lol umm yeah.... thats the idea
  7. should get Ronald Mcdonald as a stoned baby cyclops, squeezing a milkshake out of screaming cat's arse into the mouth of the anthropomorphised sexxxy female weed plant, You should get it running down the back of your calf. the weed girl should be kneeling and gargling the millk and the Ronald Mcdonald should probably be flying in the air above her with cupid wings, The cat should be twisted like a wet towel.and appear to be in absolute agony..

    and no, I am not stoned nor was I stoned when I thought this up, you bunch of drug addicted degenerates.. Whatever it looks like in the future, you can pretty much garuantee no else will ever have that tattoo. Also the pop cultural references also have a certain amount of longevity unlike Peter Griffin and the F&L peeps, who are merely 9 day wonders in the great scheme of iconic references.
  8. both are reall good im getting some new ink soon 2. im getting a pheniox on my left calf. its going to prob hurt real bad so ill toke up before going in there so it will be easier to ignore the pain
  9. I think the first idea is hilarious :p

    This one guy that tattooed me had the special olympics cartman tattooed on his leg it was great :D

    But I wouldn't get a weed related tattoo, or if you do, just make sure it's in a less noticeable place.

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