Tattoo ideas?

Discussion in 'General' started by NittanyCrusader, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. I've been wanting to get a tattoo for a while but have no idea what to get. Thinking of getting something like a half sleeve on my left arm that extends into my chest. Maybe a dragon? Idk give me some ideas pls

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  2. A dragon? Are you Chinese?

    If not, get something that you care about, I hate shitty message-less tatoos.

    Get a bud tatoo if thats your life........... kids? Family? Cars?
    Fuck, I dunno, but make sure you will always believe in it. It`s a motherfucker to laser off.

    Be true.
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  3. Google what the current tattoo trend is like some weird owl or pocket watch and then regret it for the rest of your life. Or maybe just get something personal to you.
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    I know a dude who got koi carp on his calves. Transpires that it means he was gay cos they faced the wrong way.

    Fuck that, your mind is yours. But if you fuck it up.............. you can`t wash it off.

  5. You shouldn't be getting tattooed at all until you know what you want, & I wouldn't go for a half sleeve/chest piece all at once you might not be able to take the pain start out small then go big bruh..

    & whatever you do don't get a tribal tattoo they look shit & stupid unless you're in a tribe
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  6. I have 3.

    All mean something.
    Will never go out date.

    NONE are women.............all they are are important to me. And to this day all are relevant to who I am.

    Don`t be a prick and get something off the shelf........

    How do you tell your Grandkids that a mermaid or other pish was important at the time?

    You simply can`t.

    Or you will be saying............ "I was an asshole and fucked it up."

    Want that shit on your skin?

    Use your imagination FFS.
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  7. Bowser wearing shades riding a surfboard with waves coming up from below, rocking out with a double neck guitar shooting flames. On top it says "Lets party" and behind everything is a pot leaf, and behind the pot leaf there's a cross.
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  8. I'll PM you a pic of myself you can get it on your neck
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  9. Why are you stalking me and posting replys on every thread I have billy?
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  10. just say no... picture it on your parents
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  11. As someone with over 30 tattoos, I can't agree more with this. I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday, and kept adding more and more just for the hell of it - most didn't even mean anything to me.

    Alot of them are needing to be re-worked / covered up / touched up, which is going to amount to thousands of dollars at some point down the road alongside a sizable recovery window.

    If I could go back having matured some more and get the chance to do things over, I'd take that same amount of money and put it into a savings account or some kind of investment fund.

    If you end up doing it anyway, don't get a dragon, anything tribal, or anything belonging to a culture you don't have a blood heritage connection to. You'll just end up looking like a massive douche.

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