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  1. Im planning on getting a tattoo in the near future and I was just looking for some suggestions on fonts. So far I have these three to look at but if you have any fonts you think I should look at it would be greatly appreciated. Or if you want to tell me your first tattoo or and ideal tattoo that would also be very helpful.

    Thanks GC!

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    im a tattoo machine builder and tattoo artist. all those fonts are horrible. remember tattoos are all about flow as no part of your body is before even recomending a font id need to know how many words in how many lines u plan to use. and where u plan to put it. id reccomend overall u choose the style of fonts u want from any b.j betts book.theyre all great.all different styles of lettering from pages of full alphabets of all of em,and pages of random and many often tattooed words. great investment for any tattoo artists. also most artists will probably have this on hand.dont go into the shop with rough drafts like u have here.cause theyre so raw so far, the artist will use the most basic points of it, if any. he will just draw it up fully as script that thin looks like shit. the middle parts of the letters will prob be beefed up with a thicker part where he will fade from black to white in each letters center to give it balance (most nice script tattoos are executed with a font that has a similar or same trait), and then he will do scroll work on the tops and bottoms of the letters mostly, with largest embellishments done on the first and last letter of every word, and more so for first and last word.USUALLY. when it comes to tattooing,almost always the answer is it depends. so have ur phrase. go see diff artists and ask to look at their books. they wont be mad u want to see their portfolio. thats what its there for. for u to pick him over other artists in the shop (if ur a walk in) hoping u like HIS style. so find a guy with several script references in their book. give the tattoo to him and feel comfortable about it. explain how ud like it, and he will have something for u in 5 to 15 minutes. if you dont like it he will do it again till u do. (note, u leave a deposit before he even starts drawing,and pay the balance when hes done. otherwise the deposits gone) do not going in being a hard client saying u want it exactly like this.listen to ur artist if u know uve found a good one. he knows best. believe me. goodluck



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