Tattoo idea, want your guys input.

Discussion in 'General' started by MattBlazin, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Ive been brainstorming a tattoo for some time and i came up with what i think is a pretty cool idea. I want to do something to remember my childhood and all the worry free times. With that said, I went to my fav game back in the day, POKEMON! I alllwayyys loved bulbasaur and always chose him as my starter. Also, I like smoking the ganja :smoke:. So why not combine the best of both worlds?

    I decided to grab a pic of bulbasaur and throw a J in his mouth :p and i gave him some red eyyess :p I also threw the molecular structure of thc on his back too, doesnt look tooo good but i was just messing around with ideas.

    that do you guys think? artwork wise and meaning wise?

  2. I like the idea man!!! Where are you planning on getting it? Maybe no J in the mouth either.
  3. Its a cool idea. Never seen a pokemon tattoo, but if you don't mind the childish side of it, go for it. Maybe make the bulb on his back a pot plant
  4. The pokemon is a fine idea until you get your ass kicked in some ghetto because of it
  5. Fuck yea man bulbasaur is a g.

  6. Why would he get his ass kicked over a tattoo? And why would he even be in the ghetto showing people his tattoo in the first place? :confused:
  7. Not sure where i would get it man, I was thinking the inside of my left arm. I was also contemplating the J.

    Sure dont mind the "childish" side of it. I want to be able to look at it, and remember being a child and all those badass times, andddd i was thinkin of tryin to photoshop a bug for his back :p
  8. Don't lose sleep over it.
  9. I was thinkin the same thing, haha.

  10. That would be a cool spot.

  11. People in the ghetto can fuck off then, Bulbasaur is the shit.
  12. Take out the stupid joint and it'll be cool. And do more than just THC, don't be one of those people. CBD is the one with most of the medical benefits anyway.
  13. That's bad ass.
  14. Tacky and uninspired.
  15. I love Pokemon as well, but weed tattoos aren't always the best things to get unless it's entirely able to be covered up and you don't mind the possibility of one day not smoking pot, but still being branded as someone who does/did.

    I have two tattoos that I decided upon because of their longevity. They are two tattoos that despite my aging and possible life routes, will never change. I'm not saying that tattoos that reflect a certain time of your life are bad, you may look back and never hate it because at the time, that's who you were, but think about the longevity aspect and see if you're still as interested in getting it then. If you're planning to get more tattoos in the future, see if you can't incorporate it into a larger idea.
  16. Hmm. I would personally go for that bulbasaur like, engulfed in water.

    try to add more elements into it
  17. I personally think its kinda gay and quite tacky, But if you like it that's all that matters man.
  18. thanks for the cool feedback guys!

  19. Just think about it for a sec... you know most gangs rep Pikachu.. or Charizard.
  20. I think that tatoo is sweet dude.
    i was thinking of a spade with the rolling stoned by kmk album cover in the background.
    im excited!!!!!

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